Ladies, would a Man who is 10-20 years Older appeal to you?

If you have ever heard the popular saying that goes;  ‘age is nothing but a number’, then you just might as well agree with me that this might be the reason why we have very older men finding the younger ladies appealing. Or perhaps shall we say that is the reason why the younger ‘chics’ see nothing wrong in dating these men. Whatever the case maybe, it all boils down to the fact that preferences differ.

But, for just how long would the preferences of these younger ladies continue to be at variance, you just might wonder? I once heard the story of a 30 year old lady who had been dating a man of 55 years. In the beginning when they started; it was just the case of ‘you be my concubine and i shall be your money bag’ kind of scenario. But few years down the line, the old dude thought it was time to make it official since he could no longer put up with the incessant pressure being mounted on him by the lady to come make it official at her parents’.

So, in no time at all, they were married and so this chic became wife number 3. Could this be the kind of marriage she wanted for herself from time immemorial, or is she yet another loyal student in the school of materialism? Well, your guess is as good as mine! These were some of the questions that were raised in the hearts of all and sundry who knew them both.

Now, back to the subject of the day. Whilst probably she must have been so genuinely in love, couldn’t she have found a younger guy with whom she should have settled with? The subject of a lady marrying a very much older guy didn’t just start today; after all there are celebrities like Victoria Ekanem -now Victoria Danjuma who have continued to keep her older man of nearly ten years.

Truth be told, whether you be a man or woman, the choice of marrying either a much younger girl or a much older man solely lies with you. After all the saying’ that goes ‘different strokes for different folks’ just haven’t faded yet.

The million dollar question for you guy or lady therefore is; can you marry a younger girl or a much older man?


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  1. January 17, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    I think it all boils down to love and whom you feel comfortable with. The person with whom you can share the rest of your life. Marrying for money or worldly possessions do not usually stand the test of time. Its not so much about age though I must quickly add that lifestyle and what a person wants in life come to play here and these factors sometimes depend on age. Compatibility on many fronts also takes centre stage. One shouldn’t because of age jump into a marriage that will be full of strife, and a life of regrets. Marrying your own age group might sometimes not work out. The hubby may be too inexperienced to handle a woman or might feel caged and wants to “experience ” life if he is too young.

  2. January 18, 2015 at 5:42 am


    I am male, but I guess this post applies to both sexes.


    Marriage is mostly for companionship (apart from procreation) .

    If your spouse is much older / younger than you, that companionship may lack in some way. This is because you would typically not have (enough) common interests of have the same outlook on many things.

    Show me a younger woman that married an older STRUGGLING man. It, vice versa.

    Usually, it’s about the money. The woman marries the older man who can provide material comfort, and possibly, power.

    The Boy Gigolo married the older mama because she is loaded or her family is.

    The man marries the far younger woman to boost his ego and prove that he is still ‘in the market’. And possibly, additionally, for the supposedly better sensual / sensuous satisfaction.

    As long as the two are satisfied with what they are getting from a relationship, a twenty three year old boy can marry a fifty year old woman and a seventh year old Yerima can go for a nubile eighteen year old.


    I wouldn’t advise there be up to fifteen years difference in ages of couples, though…

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