We Can Easily Forgive A Child Who Is Afraid Of The Dark; The Real Tragedy Of Life Is When Men Are Afraid Of The Light.

— Plato

The Earth Was Formless And Void, And Darkness Was Over The Surface Of The Deep, And The Spirit Of God Was Moving Over The Surface Of The Waters. Then God Said, “Let There Be Light”; And There Was Light.

It would appear God abhors darkness. Why then do Nigerians seem to prefer darkness to light?

Here goes the headline, World’s Cutest Solar Farm In China Is Shaped Like A Panda

This is a solar facility in China that would generate 100 MegaWatts, or twenty times what Nigeria would manage to generate on a very good day.

China is now one of the countries in the forefront of the fight for a greener world, having been one of the countries spewing the greatest contaminants and effluents into the environment. This solar facility is a direct practical demonstration of their commitment to a Greener Earth.

In line with this focus is news like China Is Building First ‘Forest City’ Of 40,000 Trees To Fight Air Pollution or the mammoth support for Electric Vehicles in news like China’s Building Enough Batteries For Millions Of Cars.

When I first heard of the news of this gigantic Chinese Solar Facility, what came to my mind is, why can’t Nigeria do this? Why haven’t we done this since 1819?

What is stopping us? We have abundant sunlight. Why can’t governments (and even individuals / private organizations) laser-focus on providing reliable, clean and constant electricity by tapping into a limitless natural resource (which we have abundantly) – sunlight? The payoff, long-term, would be more than worthwhile. The precessional or snowball effects .. . less atmospheric pollution from generators belching noxious fumes, etc, etc. are mahoosive.

Even if it is just 300 MegaWatts solar-produced electricity that we first attempt, this would be a good starting point. Are we saying the billions of dollars squandered on electricity without results wouldn’t have yielded more fruits if directed toward solar farms, on massive scales?

When I was growing up, we used to have calculators and wrist-watches that were solar-powered. A company once brought in a laptop that is partly solar-powered. Such things are now rare.

solar power bulb

Last time I checked, the sun still shines as brightly as ever, and God has not (yet) decided to bill us for consuming sunlight. Why is government not actively encouraging and supporting solar-based ventures, to save the atmosphere and improve on the concomitant national productivity?

The Commonsense is –

It is mystifying why a country blessed with a natural free resource would make no move to maximally take advantage to solve a seemingly intractable problem – generating reliable constant electricity.

How come an initiative like Lumos Global thought up and brought in by MTN (Nigeria,?) has not gingered us, and sparked up our thinking faculty?

While we go through the traditional regular sing-song excuses of no gas (gas-pipe vandalism), low water-level in dams, etc, why have successive governments not moved beyond mere solar-powered traffic lights (as we find in a few cities like Lagos)?

Someone please wake up the Minister in Charge of Illumination Of Darkness, Babatude Raji Fashola…

I thought it is said that, solving a major problem is the way to leave your footprints indelibly in the sands of time? Why haven’t our entrepreneurs with what it takes frontally tackled our electricity problem by going solar ?

Someone, explain.

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