Here is another one being planned by the action Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode. He almost always does what he says he will do, so consider this a done deal.

Lagos To Ban Yellow Commercial Buses – Ambode

I once wrote about the The Okada Man’s Predicament where we talked about the need for the law to have a human face, while trying to correct some societal ills.

I also opined about the predicament of traditional taxi drivers in Lagos state in Taxi Drivers Are Not Finding Any Ec-taxi In This Law

The rickety smoke belching Molues have been axed in Lagos. We Want Lagos To Be A Cosmopolitan City. But the idea of treating a disease without looking at the possible impact on the livelihood of numerous people is worrisome.

We are aware of numerous markets pulled down, (to be) replaced by modern structures that the original inhabitants can no longer afford, radically impacting the source of income of many. Street trading is banned without alternative arrangements for people who eke out their daily livelihoods through such petty trading.

Are we sure some of these “anti people” moves are not capable of exacerbating threats to the security of lives and properties in Lagos State?

The Lagos state government mantra is Security, job opportunities and infrastructure. While progressing on infrastructure, let it not be that jobs are being inadvertently eliminated, possibly worsening security!

An idle hand being the devil workshop, is it possible that the rising cases of criminality like kidnapping is a result of the rampant destruction of sources of livelihood, in Lagos?

Of course, the plan for the imminent ban of yellow commercial mini buses in Lagos has its protagonists and antagonists.

I say, laws need to have a human face, and the socio-economic impact of any policy should be put under careful consideration.

Following is a conversation on this..

I think this is a good idea. I just hope the transition will be smooth. But, I can bet those danfo bus owners will fight to have this plan canceled.

I remember how the Molue People frustrated the metro line railway project in Lagos years back. This could be a repeat performance.

How about the inevitable job losses?

Is this likely sail through?

They are bringing in new buses. It’s the vehicles and the criminal attitudes they want off the roads. Yes, we need sanity on our roads!

They can change the drivers’ attitudes. Nothing wrong with the buses themselves. You can have appropriate punishment for disobedient drivers . Will the replacement vehicles be driven by aliens? Is it not a fact that BRT drivers now exhibit indiscipline like Molue drivers of old?

Not exactly. At least they use their dedicated bus stops, so the madness is minimized, and restricted. We will not get to solve all the problems in one fell swoop, you know.

There are long corridors that are not dedicated that the BRT buses pass through. They often drive dangerously, and chase private cars and smaller danfo buses off the roads too!

But something needs to be done about the danfos in Lagos, abeg!. It’s a total mess

Enforcement! Simple. Blame the traffic officials who collect egunje and look elsewhere when danfo drivers take one-way and pick passengers at non_ bus-stops .

I think the solution this governor is proposing would bring bigger spillover problems. But we shall see.

You see passengers get wet inside the small buses when it rains from leaky roofs and windows. I am not saying that is the case for all the danfo buses. But most are bad.

What’s the job of the enforcement agencies.? To collect money? Aren’t officials supposed to ensure only roadworthy buses ply the road? Don’t they all all pay for road worthy certificates as part of regulatory registration requirements​?

Abeg, leave that thing !

Bro, if a danfo goes off in flames, the probability that the passengers will get trapped and sustain injury is quite high.

Story. Aren’t they supposed to have extinguishers? Again, what is the purpose of road-worthiness certificates?. road safety officials? How many buses have you seen catch fire? You are just looking to give a dog a bad name so as to have a good reason to poison it.

In terms of the small buses being cramped, there are routes where they stipulate the number.of passengers to carry off roe of seat. These are mere simple enforcement issues. Not a blanket ban!

What government should do is ensure enforcement. Not disrupt an entire, vital industry this way. You obviously have no clue the amount of commerce, money that changes hands .. in transportation, daily.

If the pictures of the replacement buses I saw are anything to go by, let the Lagos State government go on with speedy implementation jare.

Comot jor, You talk this way because this wouldn’t affect your livelihood. If you have a fleet of ten buses procured with bank loans, still under repayment, your lullaby would be totally different..


Of course, standards need to be enforced in a well governed cosmopolitan city. But, what about the spillover effects?

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