It Takes The Youth To Shape The Present / Future

Thinking is the hardest work there is.. that is why so many people don’t engage in it.

The question about whether Nigerian youths are lazy or not recently reared its ugly head again.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the hulabaloo that accompanied the President reportedly saying Nigerian youths are lazy.

So are Nigeria youth truly lazy? I once wrote an article where I asked whether Nigerians are lazy, and opined that – although Nigerians can be said to be intellectually lazy, they are not physically lazy.

I am now focusing on the Nigerian youth, and being on the verge of being a senior citizen, I may be a bit biased in my outlook.

Here is a short mind_rubbing between a 20-something year old and a 50-something year old – regarding whether the youths are lazy or it is the state of the country that makes them appear to be so.

The conversation started when somebody canvassed the opinion that sports_betting is making in Nigeria youth appear to be lazy.

I agree ..

To me that’s a funny opinion to hold. Like people weren’t playing pool before now.

Well, yes, but not on this huge scale.

Further comment,

I think the higher adoption rate these days is attributable to sports_betting being much more accessible now, through the phone.

But… errrr … is this really so? Is the cat chasing the tail or vice versa?

Why are those physical Bet9ja shops proliferating faster than churches, then? if the demand is not there, does the increased supply make any sense? Why aren’t those sports_betting shops closing down if the demand is not there?

As a matter of fact, from the horde of (mostly young) people that throng those sports_betting shops, it is obvious that majority of those youths don’t do sports_betting on their phones.

The youth submits further,

Gambling has always been with is just more visible now.

Nigeria is poor and the youth are the ones that suffer the most for it.

It is therefore unsurprising that any hope for escape from poverty, or any thing that offers hope of “one day, me sef go make am” will be pursued vigorously.

This is the real reason why you have widespread adoption of MMM. Bet9ja, yahoo yahoo by the youth, and not so youthful.

It isn’t laziness.. what is happening is symptomatic of a failed society that has messed up the future of its youth in every way.

I am of the firm opinion that youths play sports_betting everywhere, but the craze among young people here is sky-high because of extreme poverty.

Hmm, an impassioned submission, right there ..

Is it really correct to say that, If any group is lazy, it is the older generation that is more culpable – lazy, kleptomaniac, and promiscuous, yet hypocritical??

But .

Nigerians both the youth and not so youthful will tell you that they excel when they step out of the shores of this country. So, they claim the youths don’t don’t have the opportunity to be the best they could be.

Almost anyone would thrive in a salubrious environment.. That doesn’t take genius.

Question is, who built those climes? Aliens???

More to the point,

What’s age got to do with contributing your quota to building a nation?

Can you do that analyzing the UEFA Championship to stupor , or watching Big Brother Nigeria (BBN), or playing pool?

By the way, when the younger folks like to lay the blame of the decadent state of the country on the doorsteps of the older ones, they fall to ask themselves, how old were Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and all those young technologists and industrialists changing not just their immediate environment – but the whole world?

This youth wouldn’t capitulate…

Imagine if the older generation had built their own Microsoft and Apple and Amazon, those youth playing betting now would be working in these companies instead of lazing away..

I agree completely that the older generation has not done well for the country. but I think it is mere excuse for the younger ones to keep wailing about the state of the country without taking concrete steps (not by stepping out of the country!) – to remedy the situation.

They could still be working at fixing things instead of ululating over young thugs having sex in showers.They could still be extending their abundant energy on fixing things instead of ululating over young thugs having sex in showers.

The young ones could deploy their exuberant energy and intelligence to place the country on the right path.. once again, despite the supposed mess-up by the older folks..

My take ..

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