What is the most practical way to differentiate between BRILLIANCE and INTELLIGENCE?

The brilliant ones do the research and are rewarded with a certificate and academic recognition, while the intelligent ones apply the result of the research to solve practical problems, and are rewarded with immense wealth.

This scenario is similar to the saying,

The Optimist Sees The Doughnut, The Pessimist Sees The Hole In The Doughnut, While The Realist Eats It

While The Brilliant Ones Are Very Good With Analytics, The Intelligent Ones Are More Concerned With Practicalities.

Both personalities above are needed for any human society to grow. Ideas are stagnant without money and eventually tend towards poverty. Wealth without good ideas results in prodigality / profligacy. Where both exist in a symbiotic relationship, there is prosperity.

As desirable as these two personality traits are, pursuing the two simultaneously is most likely to lead to confusion and shattered dreams.

You need to recognize in yourself whether you are an ideas / creative person, or more of an implementor.

(Technical) people with brilliant ideas are often not good commerical implementors. Those innovators thrive when they are able to team up with hands-on people who know how to create markets by turning lemons into lemonade, or cocoa into beverage to create more value.

The intelligent one is the entrepreneur that creates a market for a product. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel as an entrepreneur. You can take an existing product that has existed for ages and make it look as if its just be invented. That is the spirit of the entrepreneur.

Many businesses fail because the man behind the business focuses too much on creating (rather than delivering) a sterling service, and forgets that the market doesn’t always require brilliant products to have runaway success. The most successful persona aren’t necessarily the most brilliant in society-, they are usually the intelligent ones.

By All Means, Be Brilliant If You Wish. But Above All, Be Intelligent In Utilizing That Brilliance

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