Is Romance with Finance Compulsory?

Money has been aptly described by some as “The Secret Currency of Love”. And who would deny the authenticity of this assertion? You bet no one!

Some are of the opinion that love makes the world go round, but some others preach that it is MONEY that makes the world go more round. People constantly engage in debates to argue for or against money and sex as they both contribute to the success in relationships. Some say sex is more important than money, whilst an avalanche of people’s sentiments favour the notion that the place of money is atop sex as far as success is concerned in relationships.

These two very emotional factors have been responsible for the total collapse of not a few relationships. Not many ladies would even look in the direction of a guy who does not command respectable income. Many girls would only consider you for a relationship if you drive a luxury car and can meet their financial obligations as at when due.

To them looking good in the eyes of the society is more important, after all, if you have money you are considered successful, but if good sex gives you children, no matter the number, the society does not look at you with any iota of respect.

This is no wonder the days of starting and growing together is long gone. The new lyrics are; “You make the money, and I help you spend it.”

Where does this then leave a young struggling man? Many of the guys, who need to please the women in their lives, end up engaging in shoddy deals in order to get quick money to spend on their girlfriends and wives sometimes.

Where then do all these leave us? Ladies, can you marry a guy who is still struggling to find his feet financially and for the men would you go the whole nine yards to impress a lady?

3 comments for “Is Romance with Finance Compulsory?

  1. WillyWest
    January 14, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Truth be told, love isnt about money but money makes it interesting. Money could bind both parties better as it could make you visit more exciting places, makes you afford better gifts for your partner, meet needs of your partner in a special way especially during emergencies and on and on. Basically with money and a good sense of judgement couples can live a fantasy life but what does that leave truly hard working people who do their best but still cant afford a decent income? They just have to accept that life isnt fair and stay happy the best way they can 🙁

  2. January 16, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Money answereth most things. It is not just in romance that finance is essential but in all human relationships.

    No human being can stay alive today without money, and most of the ways of showing care, love and attention entail spending money.

    It would be tough to remain in love and maintain romance when there is no money for the most basic basics

  3. January 17, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    While there is no denying that money is important in a relationship, one has to be cognisant of the fact that love based soley on money is doomed to fail. Likewise love or relationship based solely on sex is doomed to fail. These two things help love and relationship but it is the desire to care for and share ones life with the partner that matter most. Money and sex help to make relationship sweeter but are not the yardsticks. Most of our youth miss this point and end up in a mess.

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