It is the era where the favorite hobby of many Nigerians seems to be – bashing the President for the most frivolous of reasons.

Someone asserted,

We surely have an excellent leadership personality in the Vice President. Very impressive speech at the BT Colloquium

On many occasions, many people have praised Professor Yemi Osinbajo for his approach to governance, expressing their preference of his leadership style over President Muhammad Buhari, as Vice President.

So, someone wonders aloud,

Is it not an irony that a Professor of Law reports to a School Certificate Holder? I wonder how they relate – intellectually ?

The idea being canvassed here seems to be that, If you are more book_educated, you would be superior, generally, to the less educated guy.

I disagree. Being educated transcends being merely school literate.

And someone tried to draw an analogy,

Well, life is not quite JUST about ACADEMICS. You have uneducated Òkè Àárín market women traders who would conveniently pay the salaries of doctorate degree holders.

Na who book epp?

Along the same line that book education is not all there is to life success, so did some opine that money is also not the only yardstick to assess success,

Well…Life is not just about money either.

Meanwhile, I would like to disagree with the perspective that being book illiterate translates to being uneducated/
unenlightened. The Oke Arin woman is most likely educated in her trade that nets here millions daily .What she may lack is a broader set of leadership skills which a Professor that has also run a structured business will likely have.

While I agree with the latter part of this submission, saying that life is not just about money sounds romantic to me.

Life is not just about money? Really?

I pushed forward my opinion, thus,

Well, then, what is life about, if life is not about money?

If you have not had to deal with serious paucity of money, you may romanticize that life is not about money! You need money to sustain life, and you can not have a good life in the absence of ample money.

Didn’t the holy book itself say,  Money answers ALL things.?

Money is life itself, let’s not delude ourselves o!

The one who is trying to downplay the importance of money in the affairs of man, persists,

I have a friend who would usually say “the school principal was once a student”.

I have dealt with serious paucity of money in the past and even then didn’t think life is just about money.

I actually think money (materiality) ranks lowest – my opinion – of the tripod of spiritual, mental and material needs/anchors of life. But don’t get it wrong either, I like money and love working hard for it.

I would not be deterred!

Life IS money.  Please take this to the bank.

Try being spiritual when you are unable to afford the basics of life. And talking about anchors, yes, money anchors every other thing a man partakes in.

You need money to take that car or motorcycle to your place of worship. Money is needed to give as offering in your church . There is no socialization without money. And marriages pack up like a pack of cards without the marital lubricant, also called money.

You spend money directly or indirectly every second you stay alive..

But then, conceptually, as a matter of principle, one’s life should not revolve around money, but your livelihood does revolve around money.

And the one urging a de-emphasization of the importance of money concluded with,

Obsession with money is an example of material fetishism in my opinion. A very unhealthy state of mind to have or to practicalize.

But, some things are IMPORTANT – to have a good life. Health. Education. Integrity, Tenacity. (‘StickToItiveness’)

Some thing are ESSENTIAL to the perpetuation of life itself. MONEY.

While money cannot directly buy life, it certainly sustains it, and is needed to procure what makes life worth living..

Always Remember, Money Isn’t Everything – But Also Remember To Make A Lot Of It Before Talking Such Nonsense.

– Earl Wilson

Maybe it is just that I can’t afford to talk this nonsense yet. When I join that rich league, perhaps I would embrace such foolish talk!.

So, in Material, Mental & Spiritual development, which is more important to you? Which you pursue as if your life depends on it.?

Asked to choose just one, which would you choose?.


What Shall It Profit A Man Who Gains The World And Loses His Soul.? – Bible

You Are Dead Without Money – James Hadley Chase [Author] .

Knowledge will give you power, but character respect— Bruce Lee

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