iPad with 128Gb Now Available – On Sale

Apple caught everyone pants down on this one. Nobody expects it to come out so fast. The iPad with massive 128Gb is now on sale and could be yours for $799 if you choose to buy the Wifi only version. But you can get the Wifi + Cellular if you are willing to pay a whooping $929. Costly you might say. We feel the same way here but knowing Apple and the way they price their products, we are not surprised.

We are not sure if the iPad 128Gb has hit the shelves in stores, but we do know that you can order yours online and get a delivery in the United States within one to five days depending on which one you order. Customers residing outside the States generally would have a longer wait before delivery.

Apple has this to say as a press release for the new iPad:

“With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs.

With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.”


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