If You Can Think It – We Can Critique It.

A friend sent me a very important resource on CRITICAL THINKING.

Here is the link. Although it is an extremely long read (an extract from a book), it is totally worthwhile.

My response to the one who sent the link to the article was,

Thinking is the hardest work there is. Very Few People Engage In It That’s why I tend to leave that to the think-aholics like you.

Thank you very much! Will peruse!

Well, I did peruse . I think it’s a wonderful write-up worthy of the time investment needed to read it .

It starts with,

Critical thinking involves basic intellectual skills, but these skills can be used to serve two incompatible ends: self-centeredness or fair-mindedness.

Perfection is something we should continually strive for. Precise / analytical thinking is something we need to keep honing to perfection through practice While perfection is unattainable, as humans, we must keep trying.

To be imperfect is human. To strive for perfection is desirable.

The one who crafted this writeup would clearly recognize some of his own deficiency / weaknesses in critical thinking.

Humans are basically objects of emotions, and not logic, the reason why subjectivity is basically the synonym of objectivity . I am yet to encounter a human , being emotional, intrinsically -in possession of any level of critical reasoning who isn’t guilty of a number of the weaknesses highlighted in this extract.

I hasten to say that the ability to critically reason is also a function of intelligence and ego. For a basically intellectually deficient person, critical reasoning may be a tall order.

Regarding ego – there are people who can’t entertain the thought of ever being wrong – or seen as being wrong, and would deploy all antics in the books to appear right – a kind of hubristic narcissism.

Critical Thinking Involves Thinking Clearly And Rationally, As Well As Understanding The Logical Connections Between Ideas.

I would say many of us lack clear thinking, are (intellectually) dishonest / lazy, and allow emotion (be)cloud our judgement. These things can’t embellish whatever level of critical thinking_skills or natural intelligence or logical skills the individual may naively possess, because they are impediments to critical thinking..

People who employ critical thinking constantly question the ideas they receive, and hardly ever accept something just because it is a platitude or accepted by the majority of people

In argumentation, a critical thinker doesn’t have to prove he is right. He only has to prove that the other person is wrong. Punch enough holes in the logic of your adversary, and you are home dry. This sorts of remind one of politicking where a politician campaigns by focusing on the negatives of the opponent, rather then focus on his own positives!

The purpose of argument being not to convince.. but to win.. a critical thinker would almost always be able to carry the day in argumentation against another who cannot think critically ..

You can’t win an argument, anyway, as a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. Deploy all the critical thinking and argumentation skills in your arsenal, it would be fruitless in convincing your adversary.

But it would be good enough for you to obtain a Pyrrhic Victory!

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