Yet another set of casualties in the employment landscape.

The story goes thus,

One of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce players has slashed its staff by 60%

Sixty percent!!….

They have also stopped Pay On Delivery, the probable reason for the massive staff layoff itself.

Konga, one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce players, has sacked over 300 members of staff—around 60% of its total workforce, Quartz has learned from one of the affected staff employees, who asked not to be named.

This may or may not be an indication of serious trouble for Konga. After all, Microsoft Corporation and Tesla have been in a sacking spree all over, without its doing any damage to their bottomline.

Sad, that people keep losing their livelihood in this recession period in Nigeria, but this became inevitable due to less hands being needed. It is also not improbable that less people are purchasing items now due to the crippling recession in the economy. Profits can not keep dwindling while salaries and other recurrent expenditure remain the same or even escalate .

An official of the company said,

There has been a solid shift towards online payment by customers

Well, without the pay on delivery option, what other option apart from online?

With online payment being the practical way to pay, this automatically cuts off a lot of their prospective (and extant) customers, probably worsening further their financial predicament. If the biggest online commerce players Jumia and Konga stop payment in delivery, this could be an opportunity for smaller players to step into the holes left open

I expect that, axing this option of payment on delivery would scare many off, including your truly.

Hear someone, responding to the Konga stoppage of pay on delivery,

That is the end of business with them for me. I may soon uninstall their app or leave it just for price comparison before I go to the open market

Yes, Online Ordering Of Goods Has Permeated Every Facet Of Human Activity


Why exactly would I order something online, and pay BEFORE getting to see it FIRST ? Apart from the convenience of delivering it to me, what exactly is the advantage, given that this online malls themselves buy / get stocked from /:by local merchants?

For people in remote areas where the needed items are unavailable, they don’t have a choice. But not for those in urban metropolitan areas Like Port Harcourt or Lagos.

You can not tell the quality of many items until you actually get to smell / touch it physically, FIRST. A pair of shoes, a belt, a shirt – how would I tell the quality without actually feeling it? With pat on delivery, I have the option of rejecting a good I am dissatisfied with. It is easy to reject an item that doesn’t meet your expectations if you haven’t paid yet, but how easy would that be if you pay first before the item is delivered to you? This is Nigeria….

Except for goods that are not ordinarily locally available, patronizing a Konga Store becomes unnecessary, in my opinion.

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