How to Boost Your Wifi Signal Using A can of Beer

A can of beer to boost your router’s signal and get that extra one or two bars increase on your phone wifi reception. Thats what this post is all about. And its true.


This is the festive season folks. This means a lot of fun, parties, picnics, etc. Generally at this time, we tend to have increase in social drinking. But sadly in our developing countries, the mobile networks do have a drop in performance leading to frustrating internet experiences for many of us. Do you share internet at home using a router? Many items in the house could block or hinder transmission leading to poor reception of signals on your devices. Concrete wall and metalic objects are examples. Distance from the router is inversely proportional to the receptivity also.


I stumbled on something that might lift our spirit in more than one way. You have a can of chilled Beer, which gives you a little lift, then you use the empty beer can to boost your wifi router, which gives you a bigger boost. No, you’ll be wrong thinking i have just had a bottle of beer. I will have one to celebrate after you have tried out the proceedure explained bellow and report a success.


So here are you requirements:

1. A can of beer. (emptied naturally)

2. A pair of scissors

3. Your wifi router

4. Internet access


Here is what you do:

A) Slice the top of the beer can leaving it connected to the can by about 1 inch near the tab hole of the can.

B) Slice off the bottom completely.

C) Now cut up the can turning it into a flat sheet.

D) Slide the antenna of your router through the tab hole and you have a solid reflector that will add that extra bar on your mobile’s wifi receptivity.


This idea is from a YouTube video which is embeded here for your instruction and enjoyment.




Please do try it out and let us have your feedbacks and comments


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