Free Games from Apple AppStore – This Week Only

Once every so often, Apple decides to play the benevolent father by giving away paid apps or games for free (for a limited period). For example, for twelve days during the last christmas and the new year period, the AppStore gave away an app a day. They are at it again.

For this week only, they are giving out two very beautiful and interesting games. Angry Bird Rio can be yours for free if you download within this week.

Remember Temple Run? The part 2 is out and in the AppStore. It has all that you expect and see in part 1 plus better graphics. New dangers and skills have been introduced, along with brand new obstacles and better power ups. Best of all, it can be downloaded for free in the AppStore for now.

Are you into games and using an iPad or an iPhone? Then you need not be told that games run on iOS flawlessly. In fact, if you play games constantly on mobile devices, chances are that you already own an iPod, iPhone or an iPad.

Download link for Angry Bird Rio

Download link for Temple Run 2


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