Experiences from fellow travelers

Incidentally while reading Temi’s writeup I was actually on a journey by road. Several cases I’ve experienced flashed across my mind that got me giggling, though some of these scenarios are rare I’ve experienced them and am sure many readers here have also.

Most common is the Beyonce wannabes, she’s got her head phones on and she’s singing to the tune out loud to the discomfort of people close to her, she doesn’t care as she’s in her imaginary world were she’s giving a live performance on stage in front of screaming fans.

Secondly is the guy or elderly fellow who ate what turned out to be a purgative for breakfast or the night before, you see the fellow sweating and shifting uncomfortably during the journey before he finally confesses- “driver abeg you go stop o!! Person wan ease himself!!!“.


Then if you are like me who likes sitting by the window you might have encountered that sickly passenger by your side who always wanted to spit and had to push you slightly to get to the window . Or even the passenger by your side who is never satisfied and keeps buying stuffs to stuff his belly at every holdup.

Hey what about on rare occasions the lady who has “Road travel sickness” or maybe am wrong she’s on her first trimester, she sits quietly in the bus but before she can get a nylon bag its *puahhhhhh* she’s puked in the bus and you’ve got some on you too. Now you have to be a good samaritan and help her clean up.

Then the bus driver that won’t stop jamming music that annoys you comes to mind , just pray your head phones are close by and you already have a preselected play list.

Yea am sure we’ve all had our experiences while on a bus, things like these just remind us that no matter how sophisticated we seem, we are still humans and stuff happens. As much as you can be tolerant of others and always lend a helping hand when you can. Kindly add your experiences but wish me a safe trip first.

2 comments for “Experiences from fellow travelers

  1. steve
    October 26, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Whenever, I travel by road, I always make sure I have my phone fully charged and my headset with me. Playing my own kind of music without being a “Beyonce wannabe” keeps me sane throughout the journey.

    • William West
      October 26, 2014 at 2:43 pm

      Seriously Steve, a fully charged phone can be a companion on such journeys. Unfortunately on the day I penned the above post, the driver kept playing his kind of music and like above “Beyonce” was by my side. I reached for my earpiece only to find out I accidentally took a wrong piece with me. Hence I had to type out this post to keep me from losing my mind.

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