Employ Dogs As Employees

Dogs are known for dedication and loyalty

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand

Was recently having a conversation with a business owner of many years’ standing who sounded like he has given up on ever finding devoted employees despite providing what he believes to be a salubrious working environment.

The conversation started innocuously enough when the business owner said,  in response to a question:

I did not even realize it is month end

The date was Wednesday, 31/Oct/2018. I would have thought every business owner would be thinking of paying salaries by now (if they have not done so, already)!

Here goes the conversation…


You don’t pay your staff at month end? Saying you do not realize it is month end already is rather surprising!
I’ve stopped worrying about paying staff exactly by month end since the day I finally decided that no one is after the success of my business aside from me.

Workers, unlike what we were in those days, don’t care about the business and will put in their barest minimum – so long as they get their month end pay.

I ensure they get paid within the first week of the month though

That’s sad to hear …

But, really, what if you adopt a method where the success of the outfit is directly linked to what they take home..??

My last salaried job was like that.

We all worked like we were owners (we really were!). You allot shares (ratios) based on seniority, declare what the clinic makes monthly .

That way, everybody gets aggressive, becomes marketers, as the more the income, the more they make too.
I’ve been trying the formula of monthly profit share  and it’s not working. They just don’t care.

It was such a shock for me when one person I trusted so much just abandoned a patient on a Friday evening just  because her time was over.

Not even waiting for her relief to arrive or having courtesy of informing me she was leaving.

Truly, dedicated workers are tough to find and retain . Business would be much easier if not for people
The only one that cares is a lady employed when I first started my hospital. She is still with me… married with kids now…dedicated. A gem.
When I was working under my former director, it was with all my heart and strength.

People have such a disappointing attitude to work nowadays.
Similar situation I have had myself.
I used to own a Transport bus. Tried the partnership thing. Didn’t work too.

I used to quarrel with coworkers because of their attitude, then..

Employee motivation is something psychologists have studied over time.

What are those factors that make one employee work conscientiously and enthusiastically, while another does the minimum expected, to prevent himself from getting fired? That is personal idiosyncrasy apart?

While great pay is certainly a great motivator, it is not the most important to people, according to behavioral scientists .

Employees work insane hours under mediocre pay for Elon Musk of Tesla. The stress is much. But they are motivated to stay on because the work they are doing is almost like religion to them.. they truly believe in its impact on humanity..

Truth is, some employees would be lackadaisical in their job.. no matter the training, no matter the motivation ..

You just let them go!

But the following would help, according to studies:

LISTEN ACTIVELY to your employees, LEAD them with purpose, RECOGNIZE them publicly for outstanding jobs, APPRECIATE them for going beyond the call of duty, EMPOWER them through effective delegation, be clear in your expectations by SETTING SPECIFIC GOALS and CELEBRATE / PRAISE them for wins to energize them more .

Above all,  pay a reasonable wage. Like they say, He Who Pays Peanuts Gets Moneys As Employees.

Nobody every complained about getting paid excessively (Apart From These Canadian Doctors)..

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