As we well know there is no problem with religion, The problem lies with humans who misuse religion to achieve their aims.

Religion is just a means to an end (good / evil), a tool. Even the best tool can be misused by people. A defective tool can be used more productively in the hands of a skilled workman than a good tool in the hand of an incompetent / mischievous technician. so, the user of any tool is key

There will always be impressionable, gullible, naive and ignorant willing puppets, irrespective of the religion used as a platform of indoctrination.

As a matter of fact, being knowledgeable /grounded in a particular religion doesn’t insulate you from going the evil way. Religion is often intricately linked go blind faith, so you find logic being suspended in its obeisance.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from (religious) conviction

It does not take religious knowledge (profound/shallow) to realize how wrong it is to go on a killing spree for whatever ideological reason . Despite this, people would kill gleeful and shout ‘Allahu Akbar.

Who you are at the core is more important than the religion you (claim to) practice . What will remain a mystery is why Islam seems to be a ready and more appropriate tool for misguided people who seek to propagate terror and hate, than other religions.Why do we rarely have terrorists launching their acrimonious campaigns using other religion as the launchpad / propellant?

No: Religion has never been the problem. Even idol worshiping doesn’t prescribe hate and other forms of conventional evil. The problem is firmly with the practitioners of these religions. You are human first before the religion you (claim to) worship (or believe in).

Long ago, a Pastor did something that shocked me to my bone marrows. A friend reminded me that a man is a man first before he is a Pastor or Imam or whatever.

Like a wise man said long ago, a teacher emerges only when the student is ready . Religion doesn’t change most people. Change has to be a decision, coming from the inside.

Religion can teach all it wants, the real question is if humans are internalizing the tenets and applying the teachings to their lives..It is worth ruminating over- whether humanity needs religion as it has been the cause of strife (generally) among humans – instead of harmony.

The comparative peace devoid of criminality in a country like Sweden – and others (where there is markedly less religiosity & sanctimoniousness) is proof that religion has generally failed in reforming humanity. Despite their near absent religious activities, these countries serve as a good example of how a country devoid of criminality could be run. Equity, fairness, and a verdant economy. Criminality is so low that prisons are being dismantled. This is despite the populace being non religious.

Is there really a correlation between spirituality and religion?

It is not about professing belief in God. It’s about making the right choices, doing the right things and leading the right life. ALWAYS.

Religionists need to continually strive to win converts by their good work and not by manipulation, violence or coercion. If what we observe is anything to go by, religion does not seem to be achieving the purpose it was set up to achieve.

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