Your money,and the Earth are your life. Don’t trifle with them.

I have been owning a car throughout my adult life. Quite recently, I have been asking myself if I truly still need to own a car that gets driven maybe ten percent of the time. The rest of the time, it is resting, stationary, depreciating.

Vehicles are designed to be in motion, not decorate museums or garage or car parks. Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads is obviously good for the environment in addition to the pockets. There is a whole gamut of other associated advantages.

It would appear like a foolish question asking whether you really NEED to own a car. But a critical examination of the concomitant effect of owning a vehicle shows this is something to give serious consideration.

In the olden days, the prominent methods of locomotions were walking, cycling, using a horse. The air was much more ‘breatheable’. Then the car got invented, and the atmosphere never remained the same again.

The automobile was initially confined to a small circle of the rich. Sometimes, there is even a man running in front of the car to warn passersby. We have come a long long way from that time, with the car having become commoditized. And some even driving themselves, now.

Despite the wish of every automobile manufacturer that we all own cars,and even change them regularly, a large proportion of people continue to use public transport – even those who own cars. The chaotic traffic is some cities make driving a true chore.

In climes with efficient transportation systems, most people do not feel the necessity of buying a car when most of their destinations are accessible via public transport.

In many metropolitan cities, traffic jams are a permanent sight. Observe most of the cars, and you find that there is only one or two occupants, most times. Meanwhile, with the preponderance of the vehicles on the roads, levels of pollution, noise and danger became a permanent feature.

Unfortunately, when everyone owns a car, everyone has the freedom to take to the roads simultaneously. When the streets are already used exclusively for motor traffic, it is technically impossible to enlarge them, except to destroy buildings and other structures. The more cars, the more congestion, pollution and confusion. We either reduce the number of cars, or expand the roads – somehow.

Eventually, in this era of ride_hailing, many people would realize that in the end, you could do without a car. At the same time, there would be significant improvement in air quality, reduced number of accidents, less traffic noise -improved the quality of life in the cities, generally.

A situation where,in a place like Lagos, numerous office workers head to the Island in the morning in droves,park the car throughout, then all head back home in the evening – makes no sense. A collosal waste of resources, all found.

A smarter / more efficient approach is to carpool or take hisgh_capacity buses.

Unless you use your car a lot, do you really need to own a car? By ditching the car, you eliminate all the associated regular costs of car ownership like vehicle insurance, driver’s license, vehicle license, road_worthiness and emissions certification costs, etc, etc. And of course, unanticipated car repairs costs can destabilize your financial plans.

With improving comfortable urban public transportation systems and ride_hailing, you can always summon a vehicle when you need one. Or take public transport, in style. You get to also do some productive work, if you so wish – which would be impossible if you are driving a non-autonomous vehicle. Man-hours normally list while driving can be regained, somewhat.

Like my financial mentor would say,

Never Ever Buy Something That You Use Sparingly. Rent / Hire Instead.


You may want to consider ditching your car, depending on where you stay, and your peculiar situation. The idea is not as outlandish as it may appear at first, once you sit down to analyze the pro and cons thoughtfully.

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