• If Spider Webs Unite, They Would Tie Up A Lion
  • The Refusal Of Snakes To Move In A Group Is Their Undoing. If A Cobra Is Followed By A Rattlesnake, A Python, An Anaconda, Etc, Which Creature Would Dare Confront These Dangerous Bunch?


Ran into the following thought inspiring post online…

A Group Of 50 People Attended A Seminar. Suddenly The Speaker Stopped And Started Giving Each Person A Balloon. Each One Was Asked To Write His/Her Name On It Using A Marker.

Then All The Balloons Were Collected And Put In Another Room. Now These Delegates Were Let In That Room And Asked To Find The Balloon Which Had Their Respective Names Written On

Within 5 Minutes. Everyone Was Frantically Searching For Their Names, Pushing And Colliding With Each Other, And There Was Utter Chaos. At The End Of 5 Minutes, VERY Very Few Could Find Their Own Balloons.

Now Each One Was Asked To Randomly Collect A Balloon And Give It To The Person Whose Name Was Written On It. Within Minutes Everyone Had Their Own Balloons.

The Speaker Began: This Is Exactly What Is Happening In Our Lives. Everyone Is Frantically Looking For Happiness All Around, Not Knowing Where It Is. Our Achievements Lie In The Achievement Of Other People. Help Them Achieve And You Will Achieve Faster And Easier Too.

cooperationDeep one.

Basically, this is talking about collaboration instead of competition.

You achieve more, faster, pooling talents and resources, rather than going solo.

1 + 1 is greater than 2.

Help others achieve what they want with resources you already have, which they need, and you (in)directly help yourself because they would reciprocate, and help you achieve yours with resources that they have that is also useful to you.

It is like a candle, or a cigarette being lit from another. It takes nothing away from the original cigarette that is already lit, and even helps kill the smokers faster ;-)!

There was a television program I watched where a brilliant young man taped passionately about the power of collaborating.

We are being urged go into farming, at whatever level, as a way of improving on our national / personal foreign exchange earnings.

People would tell you :

  • I don’t have land suitable for farming.
  • I don’t have time. I am an office worker occupied Monday to Friday, sometimes Saturday
  • I don’t know about farming. I have been in the city all my life and don’t know if cassava is harvested from trees!

For each of the reasons adduced above, supposedly militating against that your farming enterprise taking off, for example,there are people with enough time, ample farming knowledge , adequate land, requisite marketing savvy or whatever critical factor is missing, to complete the synergy.

Faster Success Is A Matter Of Pooling Knowledge, Talents And Resources And Busineas Would Be Easy If Not For Humans

When would the black man learn to work together more, collaborate more, compete less to achieve more?

You can’t afford land in a prime area So, you are laboriously saving up to afford it, so you can build your dream home in your city.


How about three friends teaming up with that friend that already has land in a prime area, and the four of you achieve in three years collaborating and cooperating) what the four of you (working individually) would take ten years to achieve?

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