Citizenship Does Not Begin With Quilting!

Someone says,

Under Former President Obasanjo we experienced brain gain.

The brain drain once again under President Muhammad Buhari is something to worry about. With tate Doctors are exiting this country, only Dr Sid & Small Doctor would remain in the country..

I do not know what ‘brain gain’ this guy is talking about. What brain gain?

There was this recent report,

Ngige: We have enough doctors… those who want to work abroad are free

That’s the Monster of Labor and Productivity and a medical doctor talking.

He is a medical doctor, so he would know. But, based on the ratio of the number of doctors to patients, I disagree with the Minister.

It is particularly worrisome for the Minister of Labor to say this.

Of course there has been a lot of concern expressed about the increasing rapidity with which Nigerians, especially, professionals are abandoning the Ship of State to go peddle their trades in other lands with perceived greener professional pastures.

So, why do Nigerians prefer running away from the problems the land, expecting the problems to solve themselves, and worse still, imagining that the folks in government are to blame for the worsening “brain drain”?

The problem with ready-mades is they hardly fit perfectly like tailor-made ones.

Nigerians like making excuses, pointing fingers, whereas the smell is from their own flatulence!

Who elects the leaders? Nigerians. Who sustains the political class? The same Nigerians. Who constitutes the political class and leaders? The same Morufu, Abdulahi, Chibuike in the street sustain them, in the final analysis.

When the results of our (in)actions stare us in the face, we moan. Then flee to another man’s land where they made sacrifices over the years to build the same salubrious nations we run to, like chicken.

We have been having brain drain since the eighties. 90% of my old secondary school mates are outside the country, with most having taken permanent residency abroad since then.

Nigeria has been on a consistent downward slide for decades, with the best brains beinglosy to other countries. Trying to blame this on the current administration is merely folowing the usual script of blaming your being unable to satisfy your wife sexually on President Muhammad Buhari.

Nothing new.

While it is a global village, and people are free to set up shop where they wish, anybody who relocates abroad has jettisoned any moral rights to complain about the state of the nation. You can not stand afar while a conflagration is being extinguished, and complain that the fire fighters are doing a poor job.

You should get involved, or shut up!
You can not experience the taste of soup from afar.

Do you solve a problem by running away from it?

Granted, this professional mobility is is the effect of globalization and the less developed countries are likely to keep losing top talents. But a situation where almost everybody you see is planning to quit the country is truly a bad omen.

If everybudy emigrates to Canada or Australia, who exactly would mend the country? Spirits? Aliens? Ghanaians?

No; It is not about the leaders, or a particular government. It is about us, as people.

If the Board of an organization keeps electing CEOs that plunge the organization into crises after crises, the Board should examine itself, and not keep blaming the CEOs they choose themselves!

“Travelers, There Is No Path, Paths Are Made By Walking.”
Elena Castillo

No country ever develops when (almost all) the citizens (want to) flee to ‘readymade’ countries.

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