Choose This Day Whom You Would VOTE!

We Hang The Petty Thieves And Appoint The Great Ones To Public Office -aesop

Your vote is your power. But this begins from within a political party, not just by voting on the general election days..

Someone says,.

There were about 15 youths having drinks, busy discussing BBNaija and campaigning for who should win and be voted for. At a stage, one of them, a Lady was quarreling with a guy over Cee C’s attitude and why she should not win vs Miracle or Tobi wining.

A man approached them and asked if any of then has a PVC

…and they responded:

“PVC?? What for? Our votes wont count. We are not interested and for records, whoever will win will win because they will rig it and after that,they will continue as usual and not care, so why should we bother with PVC or voting”

Now, this kind of lackadaisical attitude concerning electoral matters is very common – not just within the youths..

I voted in the 1993 MKO election, which got annulled. I was so disillusioned by that annulment that I didn’t bother about voting again until the 2015 PMB election, knowing that if we don’t rescue ourselves from the thieves holding us by our financial jugular, it is curtains for us as a country.

Thankfully, my vote counted, brought in my preferred candidate and showed the incumbent the deserved proverbial door.

Getting my PVC was harrowing ( Read My Account Here )

It  is clear that merely complaining about bad governance in the country  changes nothing. You can only effect changes by making specific moves to alter things.

  • Evil Continues When Good People Stand Around And Do Nothing.

  • Bad Leaders Continue To Emerge When Good People Are Unconcerned With Being Part Of The Electoral Process

You have no moral justification for complaining about bad governance if you don’t get involved, by minimally exercising your voting rights.

Every shot you don’t attempt is a missed shot.


But like somebody said,

You cannot choose who you vote for with a PVC because it is at election primaries level that such decision are made. So what if you have a PVC?

Who will you vote for when by time you get on the queue on election day the politicians have made your choice for you?


If that small section makes a bad job in their primaries, there isn’t much the larger populace can do about this! You can only choose -by voting- from the pool of candidates presented by the parties.

What this implies is that, for you to ensure that we have credible leaders to vote for, you must be part of the selection right from the party level. Politics is a dirty game because good people leave bad people to populate the political arena!

So, for those encouraging the citizens to get their PVC (ready), I additionally join them in encouraging as many as possible to join a political party of good people with great ideas.

You can’t experience the taste of afang soup from afar. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

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