CHANGE your mouth, CHANGE your mindset, CHANGE the country.

The problem with Nigeria and Nigerians is not about bad leadership, but rather about the followers being bad themselves.. For this reason, the leaders that emerge from this pool of bad citizens are simply a reflection of the larger societal values.

I have said this so many times, and more often than not, I get called different choice names for appearing to be exonerating the corrupt leaders.

Did I not assert that White Pap Can Not Be Expected To Emanate From A Black Pot?

My position on the inherent eminent corruptibility of the average Nigerian was reinforced, when somebody narrated,

A friend worked late yesterday and capped it up with a meeting too. He went to a nearby Indian-run big store to buy drinks for the participants. The participants couldn’t wait for the refreshments, as it was quite late. so he kept them in the office. Guess what? When he opened one of those packs of fruit juices to drink, he noticed that the Expiry Date was July 2016

Now that’s THREE YEARS ago!


I also had the case of an expired fruit juice served at a wedding some time back. Just three months expired, not three years

Imported expired fruit drink that sneaked through the borders, or expired while in their store, here.
And still being sold to unsuspecting customers!

How many of us really check expiry dates on products we buy or get served?

The storyteller continues,

I advised him to go  and lodge a complaint…. that they may compensate him with something

Note that, the focus was on WIIIFM (what is in it for me), not on being outraged that someone would sell fruit drinks that is three years old .

So, the one who discovered the expiration date went over to where he bought the drinks – along with the opened package, made a racket ..complaining loudly.

He was eventually “compensated” with ₦50,000… to shut him up.

Now…. is this really compensation, or bribery?

The story teller who had correctly predicted that the one who discovered this anomaly would be compensated monetarily was complaining that the guy is simply too greedy.

He grumbled,

Out of a whopping awoof ₦50,000 received as ‘compensation”, the guy only gave 4 of us 1k each. Stingy guy! After all, it was my idea for him to go and cause some ruckus over there.

₦ 50k to shut him up!

What happened to the whistle-blowing policy? Being a good, responsible citizen?

Tomorrow, we will be the first to blame the Leaders.

That was a good chance to expose fraud, and he is here complaining after partaking of the bribery.

How is this worse than government officials taking bribe in the Malibu Scandal, or eating the Power Sector money?

Of course many of us are as (latently) corrupt as the leaders we like to condemn in social media. Maybe more corrupt.

It is from little things like this that one has an insight into how the mind of the average Nigerian works. I would bet the average Nigerian would sell his conscience to keep quiet in the face if wrongdoings.

In the above case, the correct thing would have been to take this up with the regulatory agency (NAFDAC).

Truly, Nigerians aren’t ready to (experience) CHANGE, despite the strident clamor for CHANGE..

What was that ₦50K payment for, again? And the omen complaining about the size if his kickback?

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