Brief Thoughts on Prejudice

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.–Martin Luther King, Jr.

I earlier wrote an article, Building Collapse And The Disparity Of Justice

In it, I examined how not all fingers are created equal, and how not all fingers are treated equally.

Animal farm things, here

An article, King: Brock Turner, Cory Batey Shows How Race Affects Sentencing inspired this very short post.

Of course, in many foreign countries (China, Ukraine, etc) , foreigners are treated in appalling ways, with no chance of a fair hearing. Many innocent people are unjustly jailed or even executed because they were simply up against a biased system.

Reports like Nigerians In Chinese Prisons Allege Mysterious Deaths, Organ Harvesting and Save Us! Nigerian Prisoners In China Cry Out To Govt are indicative of the xenophobia on many countries, and is a reason we should learn to Put Our Brains Where Our Country Is and also Stay In Nigeria To Grow Nigeria

While Survival Is The final word, we should also recognize the fact that Charity Begins From Nigeria. I am of the opinion that the way to Invest In Gold is by sowing your intellect and material efforts in your own country.

While justice is not guaranteed from merely being in your own country, you, at least, have a fighting chance of fairer hearing.

When one hears of news like Drug Trafficking: 158 Nigerians On Death Row In China, Malaysia, one cannot but wonder if many of those people wouldn’t be innocent.

When one hears of all sorts of injustices that go on in the world, and it seem to attract no visible consequences, one cannot but wonder if we are truly We Are Truly Out Brother’s Keeper

Whether it is persecution / discrimination on account of tribe, religious or social difference, let us always remember to stop, think, and realize that we all Bleed Red When Stabbed


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