When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.

John Taylor Gatto

Education is beyond schooling.

There was the report Immorality: Emir Of Bauchi Advocates Separation Of Girls From Boys In Schools

Someone responds to this, thus:

In Today’s World? If You Separate Boys And Girls In Schools, Will You Separate Them In The Society At Large? Will You Separate Men And Women In Workplace? How Do Young Boys And Girls Develop Social Interaction Among Themselves? That’s A Wrong Approach To Tackling Moral Problems Among School Children.

I wonder what the right approach would be? I am not quite sure which side of the fence to land on, on this.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to the coeducational system of learning, of course.

Having attended an all boys schools in my primary and secondary school days, I can confirm there is something missing interacting with females, even decades later, despite being married, with female children. There are things better/ easier learnt at an early age.

boys and girls school

It Is Noteworthy That, In Many Places Of Religious Worships, Males And Females Are Often Segregated

If you have both male and female as siblings while growing, this may not be so important.

Frolicking with the opposite sex in your developmental ages gives you an insight into the male / female psychology that you may not be able to appreciate so easily when already older..

There was the report of both males and females being quartered together in NYSC camps. A woman would be putting on her underwear while boys in the same hall would be observing with lecherous is eyes?

I think that’s taking coed to the extreme!

These days, success is as much a matter of competence as well as developing social graces, and proper networking. You lack some social graces when you are stiff or somewhat uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex. These things shine through.

While it is true that the opposite sexes would get to understand each other better when they study together and play together, it is also true that, children are very impressionable at ages like under sixteen, seventeen. Peer approval and a yearning to belong is very strong, far stronger than when you an adult with a mind of your own (presumably).

boys and girls school

Just one rotten egg among students in a coeducational setting may make many of them fall into promiscuity. At that age, humans are more susceptible to peer pressure than a more matured (older) person. They tend to have a wavery mind that is quite impressionable.

At that age, parents are particularly apprehensive about their female children and tend to engage eagle eyes to observe who their female children fraternize with, the books / magazines they read, the films they watch, the websites they visit, etc.

Boys don’t get pregnant, but your female child getting pregnant in secondary school is a major calamity. An event like that could abbreviate the furthering of schooling, and change her life forever.

Considering both sides, provided the teachers are very alive to their responsibilities in school (children spend a higher portion of their time in school) , it is probably better for children of both sexes to be exposed to each other and their idiosyncracies from an early age.

This would help them psychologically and help them relate better when they become grownups, among other advantages.

With the way things are these days, separating the boys and girls in schooling doesn’t really stop them from meeting elsewhere, clandestinely, if so inclined.

The important thing is for the teachers to live up to expectation, and the parents to be very observant, and not relent in monitoring their wards. More importantly, the parents should lay good examples in what they DO, rather than what they SAY.

Above all, as a parent, try to be a friend to your children, so that they feel free to ask any questions, and confide in you, as they move into the confusing world of adolescence.

It would appear the advantages outweigh the few disadvantages, by a pretty margin…

Someone has taken the time to enumerate Some Advantages And Disadvantages..

Your take?

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