Avoiding Temptation Trumps Fighting It.

Stories of trainer-client affairs are becoming  extremely common these days. Why does the start of a fitness regimen often mean the beginning of the end of a marriage?

So you have a wife who attends a gymnasium alone? Sure it is a great thing to keep physically and mentally fit.

While the intention is to stay healthy, things may, nonetheless, degenerate into the Cobra Effect Situation – good intention dovetailing into a Pandora Box of unwanted fallouts.

After the main exercise session it is capped with what is called “stretching”. –  to relax the muscles.

The wife lies supine (on the floor or a canvas) with hands and legs spread out while the gym instructor stands (or kneels) between her legs. then proceed to grab different parts of her body… knead, massage, rub, stretch and do all sorts of things you normally do to your wife -when you want to get low and dirty with her.

Can you anticipate where this could lead tó, dear man?

How can you be praying,

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

.. but willingly, regularly open yourself up to possible evil?

Deliver Us From All Evil..

…but you are giving the devil a very big chance to tempt you and  play havoc with your emotions ?

Now, this is not looking too good is it?

This instructor grabs one of her legs -one after the other-  stretches and languorously massage it to help the muscles relax. The problem here is that this could also precipitate some unwanted hormones being released with the possibility of this clouding correct judgement and sense of propriety.

All those these feel-good endorphins are getting released, similar to what happens during sex. The chemical hormone oxytocin, the same hormone released when you begin to fall in love is what could wreak havoc here.. Don’t even forget endorphin. Apply some mood music, and you have the complete ingredients for devastating temptation..

He proceeds to hold various parts of your wife’s body, like you would do on those Saturday Naughty Nights-In.

You guys are supposed to be Taming The Dogs In Men – not tempting the willpower of a full-blooded hunk in close proximity to a curvaceous woman wearing something that accentuates every aspect of her anatomy..

You must either have a lot of faith in the self-control of this Instructor, or the ability of the woman to keep her legs together when she regularly allows the instructor to part them- in the name of exercise!

The instructor will grab both legs together and push them towards her head, making her adopt the pose you often see when Satan is about to take control.

With the kind of stuff that many of the women (both married and unmarried) wear to the gymnasium, any man who is a male with blood running in his veins has a very high probability of getting inebriated, and backsliding!.

Unless you don’t really care about sabotaging your marriage, beware post-workout stretching by the opposite-sex fitness trainers.

Imagine this,

I know somebody whose marriage is about to disintegrate on this same gym issue. His wife has adamantly refused to stop attending the gymnasium despite the the man equipping a room with numerous gym equipment. The wife is insisting that the gymnasium she attends is also a place for her to socialize, network and kill boredom… so she must go there by fire and by force.

And yes, the women themselves who have been thoroughly caressed from head to toe in the name of loosening knotty muscles may find themselves start entertaining irreverent thoughts (particularly if the Instructor is built like an Adonis, with six-packs, and bulging muscles).. more so when the Oga-At-Home is not exactly the epitome of physical excellence.

As a wise man who does not want to give the devil a chance, it is instructive that you attend the gymnasium with your wife or she patronizes a gymnasium where the Instructors are all female..

Apart from the very clear and present danger of a full-blooded man regularly romancing a full-blooded woman (clad in skin-tight skimpy apparel), Gymnasia, these days, seem to be a meeting point for those looking for illicit liaisons – adulterous ones. A social rendezvous for seekers and snatchers of spouses.  

All the things we have said of course applies to men too, just like the torrid happenings are not limited to the gymnasium alone, buy anywhere providing too much temptation mixed with opportunity.

We may of course say that an adulterous (wo-)man will always find the means / place to misbehave, but it is also a fact that we should remove all temptation / opportunity whenever / wherever possible.

Willfully or willingly exposing yourself to regular temptation is just not wise. In addition to irresistible temptation, to cross the Rubicon, all it takes is opportunity.

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