Ashake The Plastic BumBum.

This post title is the name of a literature book, and is what sprang to my mind when composing this post.

I just pity all these weirdos.

What’s your physical looks got to do with who you are at the core ?

Someone recently posted on a WhatsApp Group the picture of a popular online personality.

Apart from the fact that the woman, a married woman – was ‘adorned’ in just a g-strng and bra, the cartoonish / doll like structure of the body, looking like what a lascivious cartoonist drew in a kiddies cartoon magazine and the exaggerated curves make one almost completely certain that the woman had undergone plastic surgery.

The structure was just too voluptuous / curvaceous to be real. A true figure eight.

Yes, humans, especially the womenfolks spend loads of money on beauty enhancement products. They want to look good and would bleach their skin,  wear pushup-/_bra, attach fake hair, fingernails, synthetic eyebrows, fake eyelashes, wear fashion contact lenses, etc, etc.

All that is well and good.

But when you go under the knife to have silicone implanted in your bumbum, inject some botulinum oxide in your face to eliminate wrinkles or enhance the size ) shape of your mammary apparatus, have your chin, nose, or face reshaped to give better visual appeal, is it not totally mind boggling?..

I mean, as Africans, must we copy everything the western world does?

Clearly, when you look good, either by virtue of what you wear, drive or because of  a well proportioned figure, your confidence is bolstered. But must we take this to a ridiculous extreme by going under the knife to restructure, when it is not to repair some structural damage to the body (burns, broken nose, etc)?

Sometimes, these attempt at bodily embellishment go horribly wrong. We remember Michael Jackson’s face practically falling apart due to excessive plastic surgeries and the wife of a former president who died after complications from a tunny_tuck plastic surgical operation.

Self-esteem is not necessarily correlated with the positive rejuvenation effects of cosmetic surgery, according to scientific findings. Self-esteem is a very sensitive psychological factor that can influence patients’ motives for seeking surgery and their perceptions of the results. Studies have been conducted to evaluate the psychological reactions of people who go under the knife – to understand the effect on y the psyche..

It was discovered that, generally, after the intervention, patients feel that they are younger by some years. But is the was also discovered that patients with low preoperative self-esteem experienced even further decreased self-esteem after surgery.Those with average self-esteem before the operation experienced no change, and those with high preoperative self-esteem showed decreased self-esteem after surgery. 

Patients did not show any average changes in self-esteem, but patients said they felt an average of 8.9 years younger after their facelift surgery,

This result emphasizes the complex nature of human psychology with respect to cosmetic surgery and demonstrate that patients present a wide range of psychological reactions after surgery.

Someone was so disgusted with the idea of needless plastic surgeries and said,

If it is for réparation purposes, yes, but it takes a sick mind to pump strange substances into his / her bumbum or face.

Personally I don’t fancy those implants and pumping strange things into the body in the name of beauty.

The tend to have consequences, like silicone implants bursting.. down the line.

And a doctor responded, 

That’s the part I don’t get at all. Doctors that help “sick” people to continue wreaking havoc on their bodies in the name of fashion

Clearly the motivation for these doctors that perform non_restorative(aesthetic) plastic surgery is money. Good solid money.

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