Aplus GV18 – A Cellphone On Your Wrist

You make and receive calls, you listen to music, you go through pictures, and you sometimes go online to check one or two news items. Well,  if that’s about all you do on your mobile, and many of us don’t do more than that, then you can add time keeping, alarms, calendar, calculator, sending and receiving text and reminder. Put all these together in a compact 1.5 inch screen and you have a little wonder called Aplus Smartwatch. Yes! Aplus Smartwatch does all that and more. And it will not cost you and arm or leg. For just about N12,000 or less you can strap one on your wrist and do away with a smartphone altogether. But if you still love your Android or iPhone, then you can pair the watch with the phone to expand their functionality.


Now, don’t get me wrong, Aplus is by no means the only smartwatch available, but it’s basic functionalities almost rivals that of an iWatch that costs about N130,000. Or a Samsung Gear watch that is equally costly. It can be a stand alone cellphone or paired to your Android or your iPhone. I got one from DealDey online store and have been using it for the past one week. I must say I am really impressed. It even has NFC which allows it to pair and communicate with my Lumia 920 Cellphone.



Other functions of this smartwatch include.
– Pedometer
– Sedentary Reminder
– Internet Browser (if you don’t mind the 1.5 inch screen.
– A Camera
– Video Recorder
– Mp3 Player (with good audio quality)
– Sound Recorder
– World Clock
– Sleep Recorder
– Bluetooth Dialer
– Phone Anti-lost (gives alarm when suddenly disconnected from phone)
– Remote Notifier for your phone
– It can also pair with some phones camera to do remote capture.
– The battery lasts more than one day. I have not pushed it to its limits but I have 50 – 60% battery at the end of the day with normal use

You will agree with me that this little thing on your wrist is worth more than the price.



Some Specifications:
Single Micro sim
Bluetooth 3.0
About 550mAh battery
Screen Resolution – 240 x 240
Memory card support up to 32Gb
Internet Browser (but you manually configure the internet settings).
3 Clock face options
3 themes customization
Made of smooth steel casing with rubber sweat preventing strap and a plastic back.

USB port for charging and PC connection

USB port for charging and PC connection

Micro sim and microSD card

Micro sim and microSD card

– Small screen size
– No weather forecast display
– Low Internal memory
– Apps can’t be installed in watch.
– Plastic back too easy to remove.
These disadvantages are no deal breakers for me though.



What’s your thought on this?
Would you want this watch to complement your smartphone?
Or you think this little guy could replace your phone altogether?

1 comment for “Aplus GV18 – A Cellphone On Your Wrist

  1. Eye_Bee_Kay
    July 26, 2015 at 6:24 am

    Impressive smartwatch, for that prixe

    I have always sworn that I would resist to the Ends of time, the Tech Folks attempting to turn us all into Cyborgs. NO way.

    But I could one day see the light. Who knows?.

    I have not used a watch (smart or dump) in decades, deliberately, and am not yet convinced I need a watch now (smart of not).

    Apart from the pedometer aspect which allows one do away with the full smartphone, I can’t see the advantage of this extra piece of apparatus. I hate clutter. The reason I would avoid wearing a belt, or tie, whenever possible

    But I can see the practitioners in certain professions benefitting hugely from using a smart watch. Doctors readily come to mind, as they often. Like mechanics,, and masons, “have their hands full”

    Well, I could become a smartwatch-totting cyborg, some day, but right now, I think it’s just another toy to splurge on.!

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