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There Are Three Types Of Income.

He says,

Have You Ever Sat Back And Wondered How It Is That Someone Who Works Two, Three, Even Four Jobs Is Always Struggling With Money While The Person Who Seems To Always Be On Vacation Never Seems To Be Working.


Employee :
People who rely on paychecks

Small Business or self-employed :
Earns money working for themselves

Big business owner :
Owns a business that generates moneyInvestor: Earns money from their various investments


Money that comes from a paycheck

Money that comes from stocks

Money that generates more money

Residual (Passive) income is income that comes in every month whether you show up or not. It s when you no longer get paid on your personal efforts alone, but you get paid on the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of others and on the efforts of your money! It s one of the keys to financial freedom and time freedom. – Steve Fisher

There are those who work for  earned incomes (selling their time), while some receive their money from portfolio or passive incomes. Then objective is to belong to the latter category as early as possible in life..


ÿþPassive income refers to income that is generated without having to physically / directly work for it. It comes from a source other than, paid job. It does not depend on selling your time.

Passive income allows you go watch Novak Djokovic demolish Roger Federer in lawn tennis in Perth, Australia, while money still keeps rolling in. No matter what you are engaged in – sleep, out with friends, playing table tennis, you are earning incometo This is the ultimate

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