Someone says,

In 2011, GEJ defeated GMB 22m vs 12m.
By 2015, PMB beat GEJ 15m vs 12m.
What does 2019 hold?

Get your Permanent Voters Card (PVC)

The implication of the figures above is that more people voted in 2011 than in 2015.

Someone took things a tad further with this analysis,

The deeper insight from the figures is that PMB became President not necessarily because his popularity soared tremendously between 2011 and 2015 (it soared only 25% despite all the help from ACN & New PDP).

Instead, he became President because GEJ’s popularity dipped significantly (almost 50%).

For me, this is like saying something is six, and not half a dozen.

Winning in an election is a matter of balancing positives vs negative, right versus left. Your opponent could lose because you are more popular, or he is less popular. Either way, the differential is all that matters.

If your opponent comes out with the extra votes for whatever reason, you lose, and vice versa.

There is this common thinking that the more people that participate in the voting process, the more representative / credible it is as a reflection of the people’s mandate.

But is this really the case?

I believe a horde of politically unaware lemmings voting out of emotions rather than logic is worse than a smaller number of political aficionados voting with their brains (and not their hearts).

We don’t just want more people voting. We want more people voting for the correct reasons devoid of tribal, religious or other parochial considerations. A person who votes NOT based in personal convictions or altruistic reasons is just diluting the process.

Beyond getting the PVC, it is more important to be aware politically, refuse to be misled, so that even without voting, you exert the right influence on people in your circle of influence.

It is hoped that more people would participate in the electoral process, and that way, people would not have a legitimate excuse to complain about bad governance if they have been part of the process of installing that government. The majority would have had their way in making their choice.

in 2019,I think the determining factor would be the force of determination of those who want President Muhammad Buhari out versus those who want him to remain and finish up whatever he has been doing. .

No matter which camp, it is important that we guard against the the natural human inclination of coasting with the tide of public opinion, and be sure we are engaging our brains more that our hearts in exercising our electoral mandate on the appointed date..

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