There was the recent report of someone raping a six month old baby. Have a look at Rape of six-month-old girl: Kano govt pushes for life imprisonment


Someone says,

Rape on its own is a serious crime

BUT this is beyond rape.This is attempted murder and there is a clear premeditation to harm the SIX MONTHS OLD. It is too heinous for the culprit to be treated as a human.

This crime Should Be Punishable With Death.

Of course the outrage is understandable.

Someone has a slightly different perspective on the recommendation of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for this monstrous crime…

He is likely INSANE (although insanity could be subjective – are homosexuals insane?).

Insane or not, locking him up for life should be good enough. That would keep him away from being able to commit similar further havoc in future..

I don’t believe in capital punishment, and I don’t have evidence it has ever served as a deterrent to any crime, no matter how heinous.

Someone asks,

What about DETERRENCE?

Yes, locking him away and throwing the keys into the ocean ensures he never gets to repeat this kind of crime.

So the wicked “thing” can live free on taxpayers’ money? How is that a deterrent for people who may want to commit heinous crime in future?

Someone brings up this defense,

And how does executing him serve as a deterrent? If he is sick in the head, killing him does nothing.

If he is just a criminal, he can still be productive / useful to society- while being monitored in prison.

People still peddle hard drugs in Indonesia despite the fact it attracts capital punishment .

Boko Haram still kills with impunity despite murder attracting capital punishment.

Besides, we should be clear about why we are doing what we are doing. Do we execute him because it gives us psychological satisfaction that a monster has been “punished” (the dead don’t feel anything, by the way), or as a deterrent (people still kidnap even in states where kidnappings is a capital offense)?

That response led to a short ding-dong conversation between two friends, as follows,

I know for sure that drug trafficking is much less in Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia than in the USA, Mexico or UK.

PERHAPS the death penalty is a deterrent after all

It is good thing you said, PERHAPS.


There is no evidence that the death penalty is MORE effective at deterring drug crime – or any other (heinous) crime – THAN a prison term.

Ok, granted.

But, when you keep such a criminal in prison mixing with others with lighter prison sentences, what you simply do is create the avenue for him to indoctrinate others who will then come back into society to commit a similar or even more heinous crime.

There is reason we have Maximum Security Prisons, different from the ordinary prison.

Someone serving a life term has committed an egregious crime. He would be segregated from the ordinary jailbirds.

We wouldn’t want to mix a HOMICIDAL KILLER or CHILD RAPIST with someone doing six months for driving against traffic, would we?

Also​, there would still be a few who will do crime no matter the consequence but the vast majority go into crime only when the reward justifies the risk. They will give it up once the cost becomes higher than the reward and the probability of being caught becomes high.

You assume that the death penalty is a higher cost to pay than life imprisonment. Not necessarily.

There are people who would actually choose being killed over being locked up for life. (I actually want to believe most people would choose being EXECUTED than being in JAIL for the rest of their life)

Na you sabi.

One more heinous criminal off the streets, never to harm anyone again, is a good thing, in my opinion.

The criminal would still be off the streets while locked up for life na, But He Can Serve Humanity By Still Being Useful, Under Stringent State Supervision..

I believe the state loses far more than it gains by taking a life. Imagine the totality of what it takes to nurture a human being from infancy to adulthood.

Even the holy books say, THOU SHALL NOT KILL. That the state sanctions a murder does not change it from what it is… MURDER.

After all, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth makes us all blind, and two wrongs (killing as a correctional step for a crime) – never makes right


Your take?

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