A list of my most important apps on the android platform

The productivity we get from our smartphones is the collection of apps we run on it. And this also why the platform we choose (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) is a major decision affecting the usefulness of this powerful tool.

Often, we are unaware of the things that our smartphone can do, that would make us more productive. This is why it is important to keep abreast of new apps as they are released, because apps are really about ideas of how to make better use of if this modern tool of technology.

The following is the list of my most Important Apps, on the Android platform, the platform of life 🙂

  • 4shared 4shared is an app that links to www.4shared.com, which is a free file hosting service. I basically use its search facility to download ebooks, apps, songs, etc.
  • @Voice Aloud Reader  Voice Aloud Reader is used to listen to or read on screen the text from web pages, news articles, ebooks, etc. It makes use of the Android text to speech facility of the platform and is surprisingly versatile.
  • Adaptive Rotation Lock From xda developers, If You Find Automatic Screen Rotation Annoying Then This App Is For You. It Will Detect The Device’s Orientation And Show A Transparent Button To Let You Decide Whether The Screen Should Be Rotated To Landscape Or Portrait Lock The Screen In Landscape Or Portrait – It Will Lock The Screen The Way You Want Even When Some Apps Don’t Offer Certain Orientation Increase Productivity – Unnecessary Rotation Will Distract You And Interrupt Your Workflow! Power Saving – Every L Rotation Will Involve A Lot Of Computation. By Reducing Unnecessary Rotation The Battery Will Last A Bit Longer


    photo courtesy – ubergizmo.com

  • ADM This is a download manager. I use it when I have big files to download. It speeds up downloads,can be paused and resumed manually or automatically. A lifesaver for those night plans by the mobile networks. I just set it up,and go to sleep.
  • AliExpress This is the app for one of the biggest e-commerce website, www.aliexpress.com
  • Anagram Solver Pro Self explanatory. Helps keep my vocabulary repertoire razor sharp.
  • aNdClip Free This is a multifunctional clipboard app for Android. Az good az they getz.
  • apMemo A minor app for doodling and jotting down minor notes.
  • Automagic Premium My favorite app for Android. I would rate this the best mobile technical and aesthetically designed app I have encountered ANYWHERE. Have a look at A Man Of Zero Parts for an example of what you can accomplish with this app… and this is just the tip of a very big iceberg
  • Better Open With Handles the sharing feature on Android better.
  • Calendar An impressive calendar app from zenUI.
  • CamScanner A mobile scanner app of gargantuan capabilities
  • Chrooma Keyboard A keyboard app


    photo courtesy – blogotechblog.com

  • Classic Words Plus Scrabble.
  • CM Transfer A file transfer app from Cheetah Mobile.
  • ColorNote Note taking app.
  • Contacts A contacts dialer app
  • Drippler Cutting edge Information about anything Android
  • ES File Explorer Pro The best rated file explorer app
  • Flynx A Link Bubble /Brave workalike.
  • hovernote A “floating” note app.
  • Inoreader A newly discovered RSS Feed reader that made he abandon gReader.
  • Magnifier A magnifying glass app
  • MegaBox HD Watch series on your mobile device.
  • MX Player The top rated Android video player.
  • Night screen Tone down screen brightness at night.
  • Notes2SD Text Editor
  • Opera Mini
  • Puffin A wicked fast browser. It is faster that Usain Bolt. Try it!
  • Puffin for Facebook A very capable Facebook / Messenger replacement.
  • QuickEdit Pro An editor with HTML and programming language viewing and editing capability.
  • Quickteller
  • RealCalc One of the highest rated calculators on android
  • SD Maid a multifunctional declutterer, loved by many.
  • Search Everything An ondevice search app, second only to AndroSearch.
  • SideBar Plus My favorite Launcher. Still searching and failing to discover a launcher that serves me as well as this!
  • Snap A versatile screenshot App with comprehensive annotative capability.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard Most popular third party keyboard app
  • Texpand Pro My greatest app discovery of this year.Have a look at The TExpand App: A Shortcut Is Sufficient For The Wise for more details. It rocks!apps
  • UberSocial My Twitter client
  • UC Browser My go-to browser when Opera Browser acts UP, and the networks slow DOWN.
  • UC Mini My go-to browser when Opera Mini acts UP, and the networks slow DOWN.
  • URL Manager A URL shortener. Can’t live without this one.
  • WhatsApp This one needs no explanation
  • WordWeb The dictionary for the wordsmith.
  • WPS Office The mobile office app to best, or, bestt. Ultra capable.
  • zetaTorrent Torrent app with search facility

I am in the process of selecting a security app.. an app that would be able to automatically send a distress sms / email, upload a video or auto dial a number, when I am in danger, based on conditions I set up.

Ideas Certainly Rule The Apps

Feel free to add yours

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