2 Things To Always Bear In Mind When In Love


photo courtesy - blackgirlguide.com

photo courtesy – blackgirlguide.com

Love is a beautiful thing in all ramifications. This is because it is always a wonderful feeling when you assured that love does exist amongst you and your partner. On the other hand, some folks dread love like plague. They say that love is a dangerous game and such they do not want to have anything whatsoever with a love relationship.

Whether you are in love, have been in love or are looking to be in love, there are some very intrinsic things that you must have at the back of your mind. What this means is that you must hold dearly these very vital values so that you do not end up getting too little when you have expected much in your partner.

Here are 3 things to always bear in mind when in love.

1. The Looks would not help when The Chips Are Down

If you are about to fall in love with a very good looking partner, or are looking to fall in love with one, it is very expedient that you realize that the looks wouldn’t save the day when the chips are down. What does this mean? It means that when differences in a relationship begin to surface, that either the looks or the personality of the person would matter. There is some kind of argument or differences you might have in your relationship where you wouldn’t think of the looks. Lesson to be taken away here therefore is; that you look beyond the looks when you want to fall in love.

2. There Are Times When You Would Get Irritated

We are all humans and this sure does mean that we all have weaknesses. For this reason it becomes only very natural that you might feel irritated by some of the habits and weaknesses of your partner. If you are looking to be in love with a perfect dude or lady, then you must have a rethink because no man is without some shallow areas. Lesson here is that when you have this at the back of your mind and you hold this thought dearly, you become a better person who knows that love lessons aren’t learnt once but are learnt right on the job.

Adhering strictly to these 2 strong points means that you are ready to stay in love to work things out with your partner. What’s more, you would be in a very good position to give counsel to others since you might have learnt the ropes.

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