Women are prone to developing lumps in one or both breasts. Studies have shown that black African women have advanced cancer (stages 3 and 4) by the time it is obvious it is cancer. Delayed visits to see a doctor is a major contributory factor. It is to raise public awareness that this Page has chosen this topic.
Women are advised to examine their breasts for unusual lumps. This examination should be done every month and preferably at the end of a menstrual period when the premenstrual fluid retention has settled. Most breast lumps are simple and not cancer. If you do notice a lump it is strongly advisable you see a doctor. 

There are times when your doctor, following an examination, will consider the breast lump simple and may recommend an ultrasound scan examination. In women with other features such as pain, bloody or coloured discharge from the nipple or the nipples pointing inwards or the skin of the breasts having little dimples like an orange skin, more tests may be required to rule out cancer.
Cancer of the breast runs in certain families. If a close family member (mother or sister) has had breast cancer or died from it, it is important that you undertake self-breast examination and see a doctor should you develop any breast symptoms or signs described above. You doctor is likely to send you for a mammography (X-Ray of the breasts) and you may require a biopsy taken from the lump. If available, genetic tests may be done to see if a woman is at increased risk of developing cancer. 

Early diagnosis of cancer could result in better survival and cure rates. This is a plea to young ladies and women to see a doctor should they be concerned about changes in their breasts. Prevention is better than cure and early diagnosis is associated with improved chances of survival. 
NOTE – Men can also develop breast cancer but this is not common.

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This article was written by Dr Rotimi Jaiyesimi and first published on his Facebook page. 

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