Your profession, your intergalactic passport to hell?

It is written in one of the Holy books, ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again’

Obviously, as a state appointed Judge, you have to judge. You commit state sanctioned murder on a routine basis. You sentence an innocent man, and there could be retributive justice. As a Governor of a State, it is under your mandate to snuff out the life of a condemned citizen with the stroke of your executive pen, by sanctioning State Murder. It goes with the territory.

Perhaps you are a soldier. You kill for a living.

Spiritual, killing is outlawed. No extenuating circumstances. Thou shall not kill. Killing is the most egregious spiritual sin possible. Obviously, lots of professions could put you on a collision course with your religious beliefs or ethical persuasion.

A doctor that performs euthanasia (mercy killing), or an abortion, has murdered. A casket maker who prays that people should die, along with the doctor that does not wish you good health has sinned in his heart.

This reminds one of this joke..

– Doctor prays for you to fall sick

– Lawyer prays for you to get into

– Undertaker prays for you to die

– Mechanic prays for your car to have mechanical problems

– Landlord prays for you not to build a house,

– Only the Armed robber prays for you to prosper

The big question.. would you avoid being in certain professions due to ethical, moral or religious reasons?

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For example , I abhor injustice. Deeply. It is totally repugnant to me. Ironically, lawyers that are supposed to be warriors in the Temple of Justice are often seen as those perpetrating and encouraging injustice. A lawyer would represent a serial killer,  child rapist, a terrorist, vicious armed robber.. even after a confession from his client. My conscience simply can’t accommodate this, so I wouldn’t be a Lawyer. Neither would anything make me take a human life, so I can’t be a soldier, either.

What about you?

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