One of the holy books states that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It says,

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God?”

A dictionary defines ‘prostituting’ thus:

1. to sell the services of (oneself or another) for purposes of sexual intercourse.

2. to sell (oneself, one’s artistic or moral integrity,etc.) for low or unworthy purposes.

The idea is that you should not desecrate your body because it houses the real essence of your being. The above quote is often used (almost exclusively) to condemn prostitution – the oldest profession known to man.

Like pornography, prostitution is far more commonplace than our purist sanctimony would want to admit. It is so pervasive that many countries have legalized it, seeing that you can not stop it. Much as we condemn
it, it seems to be a necessity (a necessary evil?). Remember, it is called the oldest profession for a reason.

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Prostituting is not just limited to selling your body for money . It could be for other things,  merited or not.

People granting sexual favours for power, marital security, (unmerited) favor, etc, are prostituting. It happens daily, everywhere. A student granting her lecturer ‘sexual access’ is as surely a prostitute as the one standing at Allen Avenue at night for pecuniary reasons. That girl who gives her boyfriend ‘access to the kingdom’, seeing that he has been valiant in meeting her financial needs, is she really doing something comdemnable?

The prostituting method is the same, despite the objective being disparate. Using your body to extract favor, or compensate someone, with a view for future ‘payment’ – is prostituting.

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It may be salient to note that life is give and take, take and give. As a matter of fact, the marriage institution is based on ‘prostituting’. You give something to take something. In marriage a man/woman who has been performing his / her marital duties / roles splendidly feels entitled to sexual favors from the partner. (S/)He has ‘earned’ it, hasn’t (s/)he?. The husband /wife also ‘prostitutes’ by ‘giving it up’ for the companionship, love, care and attention. A fair exchange!. How’s that really different from the boyfriend
/girlfriend example above. Give and take. Take, and give in return.

So, let’s not be so quick to condemn the prostitutes on the streets who ‘do it’ for money.  We all do prostitute, adults. The objective may vary, but at the end of the day, trade is trade. Exchanging something for sexual gratification is what prostituting is all about. It’s a matter of what you are offering to get what, a matter of using what you have to procure what you want or secure what you already have.

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