You’ll Be Cut Off The Internet In Two Days Unless…

No joking folks. You definitely will be cut off the internet from Monday 9th August 2012 if your computer is infected with the DNSChanger malware by that time. This information was released by TechCrunch about 6 hours ago to warn those whose computers have been infected.

How do you know if you are infected. well a very simple way is to check here provided by the DNS Changer Working Group to see if you’ve got anything to worry about.    You will see a logo like in the picture below – GREEN.

If infected, you will not see the logo Green and you will be told. So what do you do if infected? The same “DNS Changer Working Group also refers to a handful of tools to clean things up, though some seem simpler than others.” Said Chris Velazco of TechCrunch.

Now, the story behind this DNSChanger malware:

A group of men in 2007 created the malware which causes a change in your computer DNS resulting in re routing your web surfing attempts to fraudulent  and malicious sites making huge profits in ad revenue. The malware also prevents the infected computers from accessing sites where you could download antivirus and OS uptades to correct the issue. Seven of the guys were eventually arrested late last year after making about $14 million from the scam. According to TechCruch, “the FBI and Germany’s Information Security Agency made some adjustments and left the system running because of the number of people who would’ve been affected by pulling the plug outright. That plug finally comes out on July 9.”

So folks, please check your computers and be sure you are safe before Monday 9th to avoid being cut off the internet. Most people in developing countries may not be affected though. Infected computers are estimated to be about 300,000 with predominance in the US, Europe, and Japan. US alone accounts for about 70,000 infected computers.

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