What is the big deal in being punctilious in grammar and spelling, especially when you are a public figure?


We were swamped with Patience Jonathan, wife of ex President Goodluck Jonathan doing serious damage to English grammar and sending people into paroxysms of boisterous laughter a few years ago.

We remember President Goodluck Jonathan’s Grammatical blunders in his interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. That certainly doesn’t portray a country (whose lingua franca is English) in good light, internationally.

People are quick to point out that ‘grammar is not our native language’  as a musician Sir Shina Peters retorted when he made the infamous ‘soonest recover’ grammar blunder, years ago.

Impeccable grammar apart, a public figure like the President of the United States once posted the non-word ‘covfefe’ on Twitter, in what was clearly a hasty or careless post unexpected of the POTUS. He is rather notorious for all sorts of wrong spellings like in the Twitter post,

Our Great Country Has Been Divided For Decade, But It Will Come Together Again. Sometimes Protest Is Needed In Order To HEEL, And HEEL We Will.

HEEL being used twice instead of HEAL shows this was not an inadvertent error, but actual ignorance of the correct spelling!

Now, the POTUS wife has been caught out in wrong use of English, and the Grammar Police are not allowing this slide!

Ivanka Trump doesn’t know what ‘OTHERWISE’ means, they scream., evidenced by:

Eric ‘Luke’ Trump born 12 September is the son of Ivanka’s younger brother Eric, and his wife Lara.

Ivanka  cuddling her nephew partly said:

…the best part of an OTHERWISE incredible day!

Leaders (of thought) and public figures need to be careful about not just what they say, but the words they use, and how they use those words.  Of course, continuous self-improvement is important, not just for leaders, but everybody as well

Communication is not just about what is actually said but also pivots around how it is received, as well. Like a television signal, the receiver is as important as the transmitter. A clear signal cannot be received without a clean transmission, devoid of noise (grammar error, wrong spelling, wrong or offensive use / choice of words).

Wrong spelling or incorrect use of words merely detracts from whatever message is being passed.

As a leader, your words are not only your BOND, they are also your GLUE to the receivers. So, choose your words well, say them correctly, spell them right and your message would be received a lot more correctly by the audience or reader.

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