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The debate about which is better, Opera Mini or UC Browser, is as old as sin itself. I should be limiting this post to the Android platform. In sheer numbers, on a global scale, the figures say that Opera Mini is the more preferred browser, by humans, in the server-assisted browser circles.

But then, sheer popularity and adoption may not airways mean a better product or service. Other factors like access, product pricing, advertisement budget, collaboration with other big(ger) companies , as well as reach could also be instrumental in the level of adoption.

In the case of these two server- assisted browsers, they are both free of cost, and the differentiating factors influencing adoption range from slim to non-existent. So, the browser performance, and how long it has been in the marketplace, may be the most important factors influencing adoption level.

Personally, I have always had a soft spot for UC Browser since I discovered it in the days of Symbian.

Its speed of loading, ability to cope with the slowest, crappiest network and outstanding compression rates and strong download management endeared one to it.

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Recent strides made with the latest version of UC Browser Mini for Android, has endeared me even more.It is available, for free, on Google Play Store. UC Browser Mini.

People in the Occidents had, for long, generally grown up having (smart)phones with Opera Mini already installed, It is also quite popular on feature phones because of the data saving.

There are several articles online matching Opera Mini and UC Browser Mini, feature for feature, so it’s pointless repeating those. Generally, those articles give Opera Mini Browser the edge over UC Browser Mini, regarding rendering accuracy and precision. And sometimes data compression efficiency.

And that was an accurate assessment..

…….until recently.

UC Browser has now almost totally caught up with Opera Mini Browser regarding fidelity of webpage rendition, with a recent additional feature being the icing on the resplendent cake.
You can now have the webpage page dynamically wrap as you pinch-to-zoon on UC Browser. This is possible with practically all webpages.

This is a feature lots of users have been wishing that Opera Mini Browser would implement since forever.
With this implementation, one of the biggest complaints about Opera Mini Browser (tiny, almost illegible fonts) has been finally adequately addressed by the UC Browser Mini people, from China.

You can now steplessly increase or dear fine size, as you wish. Sure, lots of browsers can also wrap text as you zoom in it out, but those are almost exclusively full-fledged browsers. A server assisted browser that also wraps text dynamically as you pinch-to-zoom is simply not common. Far as can be verified, only UC Browser Mini has this ability, presently.

Full fledged browser’s are slower to load and more ravenous with data (also called.. money). You are better off with these nimble browser’s for most common everyday browsing. Apart from page rendition superiority, UC Browser Mini has always had way more features and functions than its counterpart Opera Mini Browser. (Night mode, webpage annotation, screenshot ability, etc..)

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With the UC Browser Mini support for limitless extensibility via plugin support, the technological and usability gap between the two have just been tremendously widened. If you have not given the latest UC Browser Mini a spin recently, kindly do yourself a favor and take a look-see.

I am convinced its value proposition is very very compelling and exceeds what you would find with Opera Mini.

The Opera Mini folks need to do more, and take the fight to their deadliest competitor.. UC Browser Mini.. before it’s took late..

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