The BVN deadline has come and gone. Typically, many people waited until the last minute before getting compliant.

The strange thing is, some people who did their BVN Registration eons ago got a rude shock on Saturday (a day after the BVN registration deadline), and the Monday following. They found that their accounts have been frozen! Meaning, they can’t withdraw until they go and sort out the BVN issue.

This is reminiscent of the GSM (MTN Nigeria predominantly) networks disconnecting numerous lines despite the fact that those individuals registered their SiM long ago (some, multiple times). See Who takes the blame, MTN or NCC?

This morning, a friend said,

Heeeelllp. They have blocked all my accounts ooooo. Bank accounts. BVN palaver.


I did it at UBA since last year and I have the BVN number. It was sent to me twice in February this year. I was hoping yours will be fine so that I can use it to do some transactions


Of course, the friend has been running helter skelter to get his bank accounts unfrozen

Hear him further:

Like I always say, “Be sure, don’t assume” I just confirmed that the two Zenith Bank accounts are BVN compliant but the UBA where I did the registration is not.

Diamond Bank told me that they won’t accept the number because UBA put January 1, year 2000 as my date of birth.


I was not able to know why GTBank did not link my BVN, though I’ve filled and submitted the form some months ago. I’ve been able to re-link the account through ATM but the account is still frozen. They told me to give them some time before I retry.

Like the MTN NIGERIA forcing people to reregister their SiM the other time, these organizations need to wake up and stop shifting their inefficiency to innocent people.

This sort of unnecessary headache from financial institutions is simplify unsupportable.

2 comments for “YOU CAN’T BANK ON SOME BANKS

  1. November 7, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    The story is not different from my end here. I went to First Bank Plc branch where I had linked my BVN about four months ago. All I needed was just some money to pay some workers. I got a rude shock. I could not withdraw money with my ATM card. My account had been frozen on account of not linking my BVN and nobody was interested in my story. I was asked to go see the Bank manager.The queue to the manager’s office was almost half a kilometer long. I just resigned myself to my fate and left the Bank. I thankfully have the website and the text message options which I have just tried.
    Hopefully, this will work.

  2. Eye_Bee_Kay
    November 8, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    And the annoying thing is that these banks are not likely to tender any apologies for all the confusion and inconveniences.

    I met a man who was so broke, have had all his back accounts frozen, and couldn’t fuel his car (fuel tank was on reserve). He was going to his house to pack the car and beg friends for some funds to tide him over..

    You can’t bank on electricity being available, you can”t always rely on your bank to have “network” or a specific ATM close to your house having cash or working, you cant be sure you would wake up on Monday morning and be able to buy fuel without stress, and you can’t project that cooking gas would be the same price you bought it last three weeks ago.

    Uncertainties, the only certainty.

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