We need superhumans for certain professions. Superhuman in the sense of unimpeachable integrity and unflinching incorruptibility.

There are professions with power (literally) of life and death. Take a Judge if the judge is very corrupt, has no integrity, he’s like a fuel laden petrol tanker hurtling down a motorway without brakes a danger to all.

Take a doctor with absolutely no ethics. He can literally kill you, for money, or financially pauperize you (if he still has some quantum of human kindness on him).

You may say there are bad eggs in every profession. Yes. But not all professions have the power (directly / indirectly) over life and death.

What’s the cause of this rant?

A doctor saunters with panache into a Club, and makes a declaration, in fact, two, viz:

The latest Cholesterol Guidelines recommend cholesterol testing for:

-men 40 years of age and older.
-women 50 of age and older.
-postmenopausal women (of any age)

He elaborates further,

When should I start having my cholesterol level checked?

If you are 20 years or older, talk to your family doctor to see whether you should have your cholesterol tested. If you have no risk factors, routine screening usually bestopped having regular menses.

A Smart Alec responds thus,

I appreciate the great work doctors across the world are doing towards improving and securing lives but I think there’s a hint of FUD mongering in their business these days. Too many things to beware of. Too many food categories to watch and if you follow everything to the letter, you probably would live a life dominated by fear.

I agree totally with the above viewpoint, and I quipped..

Like a mechanic recommending you take things apart to check if everything is still working properly. Then, everything no longer works properly, but the mechanic now has work!

I also added…

Well, if an Insurance salesman doesn’t engage in some scaremongering, how would he sell policies?

(In case you are wondering, FUD is Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. [ F-U-D])

I have always wondered.

-A police man who should be a Law Enforcer takes bribe to pervert the course of Justice. Could hang a man unjustly, if the fancy catches him.

-A soldier partakes in armed robbery because he bears firearms and truly knows how to use them effectively.

-Police officers renting arms and ammunitions to armed robbers.

-A doctor unnecessarily recommends Caesarian Section to a pregnant woman because he needs money, or directs unnecessary tests, because he owns a laboratory and needs funds urgently. Or, recommended a fibroid operation, when not strictly necessary- just to make good money from a few hours of work.

.. etc etc.

By virtue of the Authority these figures represent, proving these things may be difficult, because, as said earlier, they literally hold lives in their hands and are demigods, somewhat.

It is therefore vitally important that the bodies saddled with disciplinary responsibilities take their roles very very seriously. These folks with power of life and death also need to be above board in their dealings.

Like they say, who would police the policer, and who would teach the teacher?

It is hoped that the men and women in the regulatory and disciplinary committees for the DemiGods are above reproach themselves.

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