Reality Is Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One..
Albert Einstein

Have look at this Program That Can Mimic Your Handwriting With Shocking Accuracy

The above article exemplifies how technology is capable of being (mis)used for the most surprising things, yielding astounding results.

We know of “photoshopping” that can be made to create pictures that never were, out of thin air. Barack Obama can be shown to be kissing Robert Mugabe in a picture, and it would be totally realistic. The only thing that would make us disbelieve the authenticity of the picture is in the high improbability of that happening.

Yes, your eyes can deceive you. and what you see is not necessarily what is there!

Of course we are all aware of the impossibility of a human flying in Iron Man Movies and seeing with x-ray eyes through walls in the Superman movies. Many stunts in films are simply photo tricks. Nonetheless, these scenes look totally real(-istic).


I once read a novel where the fingerprints of someone was lifted from a drinking glass and transferred elsewhere and that was used to compromise some high security setup. Similarly, technology can be used to make it appear that you said something you never said, by sophisticated stringing together of words synthesized using your ‘vocal patterns’. All that is needed are samples of your voice.

Perhaps you are under the illusion that the iris scanner technology used to secure modern smartphone is foolproof? Think again!

Imagine what a blackmailer can achieve with technology, manufacturing “evidence”, showing you doing something, or saying something, or being in a place you have nothing absolutely to do with?

We can then conclude that, realism is subjective, no?

Any document can be tendered, with your signature and picture on it, and only you would believe you never saw nor signed the document.

Should Electronic Evidence Be Admissible In Court?

The strides in technology should constitute grave concern to people in the prosecutorial spheres of life… the police, Judges who have to base their daily decisions on “evidence”.

How do you handle the reality that “evidence” may actually have been manufactured, using technology, and has nothing to do with realty?

Technologies like changing mobile phone (International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) Number, Internet Protocol (IP) and location obfuscation using Virtual Private Network (VPN) in communication is testament to how easily technology can make what is real unreal, and vice versa.

The more things appear real, the more they become unreal.

This is the world of technology.

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