Why Must People Pay Supreme price for ‘Blasphemy’?

We must have read about how A Christian Woman Was Stabbed To Death In A Mob Action Thursday Evening In Kano For Allegedly Blaspheming Prophet Mohammed.

This is not the first time we are having a case of this kind of killing in the name of the Lord.

There have been loud condemnations in many quarters, coupled with some other people curiously commending the act.

Someone said,

I am still trying to spot the difference between the mob on “blasphemy” up north, and the mob on homosexuality down south. Look at them, look at your own people; We all have them – the savage beings! Rather than try to always make this about a “problematic Islamic North ” …. channel that energy into making sure every Nigerian is properly educated

This person is drawing a parallel between homophobia and religious intolerance, saying it’s hypocritical to condemn the killing in the North while also persecuting or condemning homosexuals and homosexuality in the South .

According to him, both cases are similar in that they exhibit intolerance for a different sexual lifestyle choice and religious persuasion, and that those who roundly condemn and criminalize homosexuality are no different from the mob that killed the woman up North.!.

But there are people who believe this killing should just be termed a criminal attack, without trying to link it to religion / culture.

Here is a viewpoint..

Linking some of these acts to religion divides us and somewhat legitimizes the acts especially in the eyes of these criminals masquerading as religious zealots..

This seems a curious viewpoint to me. What, then, was the REASON ADDUCED TO killing the woman if not religious? Should we stop calling a criminal RELIGIOUS act a RELIGIOUS act because it ‘ divides us and somewhat legitimizes the acts especially in the eyes of the zombies’? I think that’s a head in the sand prescription. .

Islamic bodies have come out to strongly denounce this criminal act. Islam has always been touted to be a religion of peace. But, the unfortunate thing is that no religion exists without its practitioners, so the two are inseparable. We cannot keep insisting that a religion prescribes THIS, and some of the followers keep doing THAT. There is an egregious dissonance somewhere!. Even if the religion itself doesn’t prescribe these kind of barbaric and intolerant actions, if the practitioners are caught doing this often enough, they are demeaning the religion itself, and the leaders of that religion need to do a lot lot more to reset the brains of these animals.

violence in nigeria 3

I tend to believe this killing has a cultural / religious aspect to it. This is not the first time this is happening, as exemplified in my earlier post, Stop The Hate: Everybody Bleeds Red When Stabbed!

If highly educated people would behead ‘infidels’ and claim ‘religious reasons’, it means the problem is not about illiteracy. If you don’t see this kind of thing occurring in other parts of the country, it points to its having something to do with culture.

Why don’t we have cases like this in the South, despite the fact that there are probably more Moslems than Christians there.?

Someone posits that the problem is much deeper than just chalking this up to a religious fervency, carried too far.

Hear him,

Our politicians have done a lot to divide us and when I say politicians I mean those who seek position just for the power and those who seek power through the control of the innocent and vulnerable minds. Many youth have become vulnerable and are being used for violence: in the North, they are lured by religion and in the South they are mostly lured by materiality.They are criminal gangs and we all need to cut their supply chain. Education is key:


There is also the idea that Islam is being given a bad name, to hang it.

Hear someone,

I take it that you are just a victim of media mind programming. You are the one that should take up the challenge to open up your mind on this topic and go and research very well how Islamophobia developed.The fact that you came into this discussion, which was a straight forward criticism of a criminal act, to reduce it to an attack on Islam albeit in a subtle way is even more puzzling.

The thinking that anyone would needlessly attach a religious connotation to a criminal act, if the crime itself was not based on some religious ideology, is puzzling

Additionally, the faulty thinking that only illiterates or idle hands are impressionable is addressed in my earlier article, Don’t Train The Brain, Train The Heart First.

I think, to nip all these incessant religiously motivated attacks in the bud, the culture of impunity must be firmly stamped out. The more people get away this kind of mob attack, the more they are encouraged to continue. If anybody takes the law into his hands, for whatever reason, he should he punished. No exceptions.

I am, of course stating things as they should be, and not as they are, on ground. These things have strong cultural and religious links, a siamese twin that is difficult to separate. There are simply too many instances of this kind of religious mob attack, worldwide, which shows this is a major religious intolerance problem.

Many of us are not ‘people of culture’ What do I mean? It Takes A Man Of Culture To Reject Some Cultures


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