Why Men Will Not Cheat…In Retrospect (III)…Tantric Sexuality

Couple embracingGuilty! It was a good basis for my third post in this series. Willy West scored a home run on the article- Men Will Cheat, This is Why. It was refreshing to read that completely accurate piece that was written by a man no less. I’ve always understood why married men keep concubines, and I’ve learned not to judge the girl either but I’ve also always known that my husband will not cheat. Sounds naive doesn’t it? Maybe. But I have comfort in the fact that West didn’t title his article with- All Men Cheat, This is Why. Yeah. Take hope ladies, there are a few exceptional men that overcome the temptation. How? Well, the secret lies in the ladies.

Girlfriend, if you rush him into putting a ring on that finger, when you say your vows, add a ‘we’ clause. There’s no way he’s sticking to just you, wedding band or not. Its easier for a man who’s been in the game to resist temptations than for one who was cut off at his prime. That pregnancy ‘mistake’ you’re planning might come with a bouquet of tears later. If he’s gonna wife you, he’s gonna wife you, no need to plot it or manipulate him. If he’s taking too long, find a new interest. Don’t sit around waiting and counting the days. A man who’s had his fill and ticked ‘done’ on his bucket list of ‘babes-to-do’ is a hard man to tempt.

Its often said that a home is the making of the woman. Wisest statement ever! For those who marry for love, cheating is usually borne out of the necessity to fill a need. Women mostly fail to remember that men love with their eyes more than anything else. Yes its stressful to be a lady always clean, sexy and well groomed but if you want him to stay home on Friday nights, chop chop. Stay beautiful. Men may seem strong and powerful, but they live for attention. A man who gets the petting and adoration a god deserves will not cheat. If only for the reason that he doesn’t want to hurt his spouse. There’s the experience of a woman who let her husband go clubbing every week, most times without her, but was always awake when he got back, and making sure they did ‘it’ before nodding off.

Bedmatics. I remember one of my friends telling some time back that sex is all that married people do, all the time, everyday. Lol. That may be far from truthful, but the conversation taught me something. Never be bored of sex with your mate. For ladies, this sounds like torture and the men know that. In fact, its one of the reasons why they get a substitute to keep arguements about copulation at bay. There’s a fix for the monotony. Do new and different things. If he knows he’s gonna get it in a different way and its gonna be good and lively, he won’t go get it elsewhere. I recently read about tantric sex, a way of getting mind blowing climaxes. The book, “the complete idiots guide to tantric sex” had a lot of mumbo jumbo about sexual energy, spiritual part to sacred sex and the likes, but it also contained some practical information. Read books and magazines about positions, toys, etc. You don’t have to try everything you read, just add flavour. A man who gets it good, is a man who won’t cheat.

Religion. I’m not gonna be bias and say Christians don’t cheat because that’s bull. What I’m gonna say is that if a mans religion forbids a thing and he’s strongly entrenched in that religion, its usually difficult for the ‘works of Satan’ to see the light of day. I’m not talking about fake church going for the sake of appearances kinda man. I’m talking genuine love for God and obedience to his principles. Rare yes, but not extinct.

There are so many other reason why men stay faithful to their beloved. Not all men cheat, and those who do, can be changed.

2 comments for “Why Men Will Not Cheat…In Retrospect (III)…Tantric Sexuality

  1. Steve
    January 23, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    This is getting interesting. A rejoinder by the female of the specie is a welcome sequel to that former post by Willy West.

  2. January 24, 2015 at 6:17 am

    This issue of cheating. I think a (wo/) man would cheat no matter what the partner does , or does not do. It is just that the likelihood of cheating could be reduced / increased on account of the spouse’s (in) action.

    Talking about variety as regards sex, what variety exists when it is the same (wo)man?

    Some people just get bored driving the same car.. year in year out, even if the car in question is excellent, and the scenery varies!

    Some (wo)men would rove. No matter what.

    I think it’s more about the mindset, constitution, or moral conviction of the (wo) man in question more than what the other party does, or fails to do.

    Do I sound like a broken record? Maybe because this record is broken…

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