Believe In You – Believe It Yourself

Someone posts on the social media,

This issue of God vis-à-vis ‘white peoole’ and ‘black people’.

‘Black men’ tend to attribute their life circumstances and subsequent decision_making to an internal centrifugal point of control, the belief that they are responsible for driving their own destiny / success.

‘White people’ however generally attribute life outcomes to external forces. That these extraneous forces deternine their life outcomes.

What is responsible for thisthis attitudinal difference?

Well, when this man refers to white /black men, I suppose he refers to natural skin color. Would any of this apply to ‘mixed blood’ (half-caste) or those who bleach their skin?.

Does this alleged difference in belief have anything to do with geographical location or general pervasive economic status?

I responded,

This is a sweeping generalization, methinks.

What’s the meaning of, ‘white people’ or ‘black people’? What’s skin color got to do with internal life ruminations or thinking pattern?

If you talk geographical location, does that make an impact on thinking pattern (a Nigerian having stayed most of his life in London, for instance would think like a ‘black man’ or ‘white’ man)?

If skin color is a direct determinant, I might as well bleach to alter my thinking pattern, then!

The poster responded,

Even in the United States, the blacks are more ‘religious’ than the whites. I am saying this authoritatively.

Observe a typical Grammy Awards or Oscar, and notice those who ‘dedicate their award to God’. They are almost always ‘black’ – irrespective of their habitat

I know black_skinned peoole are very very deeply ‘religious’. We like to ‘worship’ with passion that seems to be absent in Non_Blacks

I said,

So religiosity is a genetic thing?

Perhaps poverry (more common among black folks or black_dominated community ) makes us CEDE control to the supernatural, while affluence makes us SEEK / exercise direct control..

Like cascading achievements giving you unshakeable confidence to continue determine your own destiny, perhaps the generally comparatively inferior level of achievement by Blacks sap the majority of them of confidence in their own ability to effect direct changes, instead of relying on some supernatural forces – to intervene

Seriously, it is doubtful if there is much difference in the genes of humans irrespective of the skin color – to determine the level of belief in the supernatural to alter the destiny of man.

The darkness of skin color is determined by the level of melanin, and the environment (skin is likely to be of a darker hue in the tropics due to the effect of sunlight).

Can we pray global warming or ozone layer depletion away?

Unless the geneticists can prove that behavioral partners are encoded in melanin, or that sunlight saps the will to take dorect control of life’s circumstances, I want to believe that the noted difference is shaped by environmental factors like age_old belief and attitudinal dispositions passed from generation to generation, as well socio_economic factors..

Is Prayer the key to all life’s problem, or just one of the keys? Would God do for us what he has given us the capacity to surmount ourselves?

Food for thought!

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