When Your Degree Degrades The Ability To Degrease Old Notions

Just came across the article Degrees no longer assurance for jobs — Buhari

You are cautioned that university degrees do not usher you into an El Dorado. It rather equips you with the competence to grapple with the ever- changing challenges of life of which youth unemployment is a vexatious part.

Someone blithely commented,

This Illiterate President Has Just Killed Education in Nigeria


Now, what exactly did this ‘illiterate President’ say in this article that “killed education” in Nigeria.?

What percentage of university degree holders actually work with their degree? Is it not true that universities merely equip people to face challenges of life, and is not just to prepare people for employment?.

Are there not Geographers and BA.(Yoruba) in banking sector?. How exactly is Yoruba related to banking?.

Education is about innovation and not just qualifications. and transcends mere academic qualifications.

The world is in constant flux, and the so-called illiterates with good entrepreneurial skills usually end up employing the graduates.

How many university degrees turned China around?.

Is the rapid development in Asian countries just the result of paper qualifications?

Being literate does not necessarily give wisdom for life. The same thing goes for being illiterate. We sometimes confuse academic qualifications with education. There is hardly anyone that lacks one form of education or the other. Not having gone to the university does not make one an idiot. Many of our parents are probably not literate but definitely not asinine.

Does merely paper qualifications guarantee a job in the present day world?.

Many of the qualities or the education that top employers are looking for, are not taught in our universities. The world is shifting from paper qualifications to the kind of values and virtues that our illiterate parents tried to instill in us.

The President is actually speaking common sense. By the time Artificial Intelligence becomes the bedrock of relationships and interaction, many of us will be forced to think.

Let us ask our doctorate degree holders what practical problems their degrees have solved for the country. We might be tempted to accuse the system again. Have you not met a PhD. holder lacking problem solving skills?. Don’t we have them in the government?

Followers become leaders. Let’s focus on the followers today so that we can have good leaders tomorrow.

But with all our literacy, we fail to understand that there are basically 3 kinds of power when it comes to governance and leadership.

These are Military, Political and Economic Powers.The North with all their supposed illiteracy cornered the first two. The irony of life is, a man with military and/ or political power will continue to rule and can also reduce to nothing the economic power the West and South boast about.

Let us forget about President Buhari’s academic qualifications and get the right education for the unfolding challenges.

It is a complete waste of time blaming government for unemployment. With a population of 170M, how many employment will the government create? Everyone must come to terms that govt is unfortunately helpless in a climate we all have created.

Are Nigerian youths looking for employments, or rather for money?.

It is possible to have a good society despite the leaders being bad, but you cannot have a good society if the followers are bad despite the leaders being good.

The population of China is multiple times ours. The Chinese braced up for their challenges and created and keep creating employment. Yes government plays the pivotal role of providing infrastructure and an enabling environment but the citizens equally have an important role. Majority of our youths are far from being willing and ready to contribute their own quota to society.

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