So, Konga recently lays of a sizeable percentage of their workforce.

One of those laid off took to Twitter to advertise herself as being available for a suitable job.

A good Samaritan, believing that her skills set is what they need in his company, responded to the Twitter message by telling her to forward her CV to his furnished email address, an email address that is now known to numerous people, including job seekers.

In a country where numerous people  are looking for jobs, that proved to be a mistake. An avalanche of emails came in unsolicited, from people looking for a job.. both those with appropriate and inappropriate skills.

Hear him..

I asked her to mail me her CV because her skill sets are obviously one we could use. She did. But while I was reading through her CV, five more came in. Then I realized that I was in trouble. I had replied to her post publicly and the post has gone viral given a huge number of people access to my email

I once wrote an article about the Dangers That The Social Media Can Constitute

This is a mistake made while trying to be helpful. This is a man with a positive answer to my question about If We Are Our Brothers Keeper / Killer., but in his zest to help out, he is having an unexpected backlash… thousands of CVs keep flooding in.

The recipient has done very well by bringing this to the attention of a Closed Facebook Group of employers, asking those who need employees to indicate so he can curate and forward the appropriate ones to them.

If you are in need of customer service personnel, administrative staffs, social media managers, kindly come to my assistance so that some sort of jobs can be found for these numerous CVs in my inbox,

This, once again, emphasizes the need to be careful what you, acquaintances or loved ones put out there on the internet. A stalker can easily get your particulars if you are not careful. The dangerous thing is, the information your friends / colleagues place out there can also be retrieved. Facebook has perfected this to a fine art.

The other day, someone mentioned my daughter’s name on a Whatsapp group I belong to. I know I only have my phone number on my Facebook account, and my email address is on LinkedIn. As far as I know, that is all.

How this ‘stranger’ was able to retrieve this name is still baffling. Perhaps my daughter put up information that she shouldn’t? Who knows? .

It is possible to have good intentions, but the action has negative consequences, or is interpreted wrongly.

As a great mind likes to say,

Engage Your Brain Before You Engage Your Mouth.

We can also add:

Engage Your Brain Before You Engage Your Fingers When Posting Things Online.

Ask yourself, this thing I am about to post or say, could it come back to haunt me in future.?

Therefore, eternal vigilance is key!

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