When The Olfactory Sense Keeps A Factory Busy.

Love is said to be blind, but also smell is sometimes even blinder

There is this Website that reviews smartphones and tries to guide people as to which ones give the best value for money.

I pointed out a review of smartphones costing less that $300 ( ₦ 100K )- and someone cheekily commented,

Thst website is dangerous – I have to be very selective with what I read from there.

It forced me to go looking at Huawei P30 and Samsung Galaxy 10E phones. Had to plead the blood of Jesus for the strength to walk away and not buy one of them.

Yeah, don’t lead yourself into temptation by strolling about where temptation is lurking about. except of course you have the willpower or you simply do not have the financial power.

But then, the best way to resist temptation is to simply fall into it

if you do not have very strong willpower and you have disposable income, you are likely to capitulate with the rate at which eye-watering smartphonesv are being released in rapid succession by different manufacturers these days.

Someone responded,

Yeah. The Huawei P30.. ₦ 191K only…: That would buy me a badly used Nissan Micra for transport business purpose in Ibadan, Nigeria.

I suppose that smartphone would barb my hair and also do the laundry for me?

The one who tiptoes cautiously so as not to fall into the temptation of splashing cash on one of these tempting toys – said,

I don’t buy new anyway, I have a nice used store I buy from. I’m just waiting….


A guy, in his arrogant ignorance once said, only paupers buy used items… that if you claim that a used item is better than a new one or equally as good, then you are suffering from poverty.

I just shook my head.

When you hear a phrase like They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore, this is very very correct in terms of some specific products like cars for instance. When you are talking about replacement parts for vehicles, there is very little doubt that the old used parts are far more durable than the new aftermarket knock-offs that generally come from China. There are even situations where these old parts cost far more than the new ones!

It is apparent that very many new products are deliberately built with obsolescence in mind. If what you are looking for is something that will last a long time for you, you are often better off going with the older models.
However, if longevity or durability is not your thing, then you can always go for new versions of anything.

To me, narrow-mindedness is proclaiming that anybody who goes for a used or old model product is afflicted with poverty mindset. It depends on the item in question..

Some people work hard for their money and would always go for items that give them the best value for the money being expended.. by spending as little as possible to get the most utility.

At the end of the day there’s no real difference between a meticulously maintained 3-year old car and a brand new one. Same with a smartphone or any other used thing that is still in great condition. . unless of course the smell that you get from a brand new item is worth that price differentials to you.

Have a look at The Best Items To Buy Used Vs. New .. for an expanded perspective.

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