When oPay Refused To Pay

The reason why there’s so much scepticism by the average man on the streets as regards online transactions was forcibly brought back to me again recently.

So I have been hearing about the services brought into the country by Opera in the name of oRide (e-bike hailing), oPay (payments, top-ups,,etc), o-Kash (online lending), o-Wealth (investment), etc.

Positive things like…

Right now, their Oride is ₦200 from anywhere to anywhere within Lagos. ₦50 from anywhere to anywhere within Abeokuta. It is even ₦40 if you are two on one bike

This is serious aggression!

My initial interaction with the application was very pleasant, with its offerings being very comparable to carbon (paylater).

The most attractive features for me at the fact that you get a 5% discount on every mobile top-up and that there is no charge when you transfer money to banks (normally that would be ₦ 50 plus ₦2.50 kobo VAT), coupled with the ability to invest idle funds and get 10% interest (which is committed daily) and you can withdraw without any penalty whatsoever. Even the PiggyVest, CowrieWise, etc of this world are not that flexible.

To test the Investment aspect I attempted to invest 500 naira since they claim that you can invest as little as ₦50 – if you wish . The attempt was not successful with a cryptic error message given. I was also unsuccessful when I tried to avail myself of their online borrowing scheme called i-Kash.

I then moved some money into the oPay Wallet and did some transactions like mobile top-up, cable TV subscription -all of them went through seamlessly.

I noticed that the user rating for this app was quite low compared to a competitor like Carbon (Paylater) and was wondering exactly why… now I know why.

So I need to transfer some funds to a bank account and decided to take advantage of the fact that there are no charges when you move money from the Wallet to any bank. I moved some funds from my bank account into the wallets without any problem. but on attempting to move the money from my wallet to the destination bank account, I get a message that the transaction is being processed. This is over 48 hours and counting that my money is hanging in the oPay Wallet with no way to retrieve it.

As far as I can tell, the only way to contact these people is through the Chat Facility that is in the app itself, but unfortunately it looks like 48 hours for them to respond to any complaints and as far as I know there’s no email address and there’s no telephone number through which you can get to speak directly to Customer Care.

The long and short of it is that my money has been hanging for the past 48 hours and there’s nothing I can do about it apart from sending a message through the in-application Chat Facility.

Like my Mobile Money Agent friend said, and I confirmed,

There is no phone line to call, nor email. No WhatsApp CRO except in-app chat which they don’t reply to promptly. My advice to you is that you don’t ever put money into their Wallet that you can not afford to leave for a while. If it is money that may be urgently needed, don’t even think about it

But a chat that takes 48 hours to get a response is not really any better than an email and emails are supposed to be treated promptly by responsible corporate organisations especially when it pertains to queries / complaints by your customers

I complained to a friend who is into the Money Transfer business.

He narrated his many headaches..

Here are some of his comments..

If you recharge GOTv or DStv for a customer and it says processing or in progress for two days and the customer is on your neck when they refuse to respond to your complaint, what will you do?

I can just imagine trying to explain to a half-educated person who wants to watch that really important football match and came to subscribe and the subscription did not go through but you cannot refund his money because it is hanging on the oPay Platform for two days.

This is the recipe for High Blood Pressure.

He further says,

I lodged a complaint on a transaction done on Friday 13th September around 8 am. Their autorespnder says they typically reply in one day (which is very funny) but I”ve not heard anything since then after four days

Would i have the confidence to keep patronizing a platform that does not respond when there is a glitch (which seem to be quite often)?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I have over ₦26,000 stuck with oPay since Monday morning and I’m fervently hoping that I will somehow be able to retrieve the money. This is Wednesday.

Once I am able to retrieve my stuck money, I may find it difficult to put any money in the oPay Wallet again until I hear some positive news in operational efficiency from people who continue to use it.

What oPay don’t seem to realise is that online transaction is about trust ….once people feel you are not reliable, forget it.

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