So Billionaires Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Trade Insults Over Future Robot Invasion

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and such other exotic escapades like Neural Link and HyperLoop believes that Artificial Intelligence would eventually surpass human intelligence, and robots could possibly take over the world.

For someone who takes on some seemingly impossible projects, and has been chalking up a series of “firsts”, his opinions certainly carry a lot of weight in the tech industry.

Mark Zuckerberg is no less respected regarding the giant strides he is taking in shaping the trajectory of humanity.

My take on the Elon Musk Doomsday Prediction is that he has been watching too many sci-fi movies. All the iRobot-ic and Frankenstein nonsense can only happen in movies.

There Is No Way What Your Intelligence Creates Can Be More Intelligent Than You, And Attain An Autonomy You Didn’t Grant It As The Creator .

Can Humans Even Be Wiser Than Their Creator?

Well, if you start interfacing human brains with computers, that shows the degree of madness.

Perhaps he wants to objectify and DownLoad human intelligence into cyborgs? Perhaps Musk needs to be quarantined somewhere safe where he can’t harm humanity 😀😀

So, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates would seem to have their legs firmly on Terra Firma, while Elon Musk should probably go and live on Mars -alone with his outlandish thinking that AI can make robots beat us at out Natural Stupidity – as humans..

Now, that’s a joke. Elon Musk is my idol.

I can somewhat understand the condescension from Musk, though. Mark Zuckerberg is younger, and is not a core techie the way Musk is.

Someone counters this outlook thus,

If you have seen “The 100” you will probably see why Elon Musk is so carried away with the AI taking over human concepts. The movie depicts what an AI controlled world would be

Space 99 {am sure you remember it} was a mere movie then. It predated what you have now as advancement in space technology.

Those are mere movies.. Do not believe everything you watch in the movies, brother.

There is always something controlling the puppet, no matter the intelligence of the puppet. That’s humans. There are characteristics that only humans possess.. That a machine never can….

Intuition, Volition

Those attributes are very important and are not duplicable by any AI system.

There is the recent case of a robot that flipped over and drowned Apparently, it encountered something not anticipated by its programmer.Things like this would occasionally happen. Discretion is not something you can build into an automaton.

Robots respond to external stimuli and react in a preprogrammed (even if artificially intelligent) manner.

Only humans CAN and DO react based on internal ruminations, like volition, or intuition, and that’s why I believe robots would never ‘conquer humanity,.

Humans can apply discretion and act or fail to act based on fear, love and other intrinsically human attributes, that robots never would have.

A world DOMINATED by robots?… Nah!

If You Want To Predict The Future Accurately, Look At It Through The Eyes Of The Youth.

They Have Better Metaphorical And Physical Vision,

I go with the Mark proposal on taming our imaginations on this.

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