When Guaranty Bank Couldn’t Guarantee Access

I once wrote about my travails with SkyE Bank in The SkyE Is My Limit!

Well, someone else wrote about His Headache with Access Bank

Hear a friend who is a registered money transfer agent..

But the failure rate of sending with First bank is the highest.

And they don’t reverse until after 48 hours of working days

People change their phones. Maybe it got damaged, stolen, or you just upgrade to a better one. Being able to seamlessly restore your new phone to the same state it was on the old phone should not be rocket science. For someone who changes phones often, imagine the stress of not being able to reinstall a critical app like your banking app, and carry on with your financial life, at will!

Here is my own account with GTBank.

My problems started when I woke up, and found the phone I switched off the night earlier (before going to sleep) switching off and switching on all by itself. Repeatedly.

A bootloop

Bootloop is a situation where the Android smartphones refuses to start normally, and completely . There’s something wrong with the Android device, which is preventing it from completing the boot cycle and is stuck between the boot animation and the unlock screen – causing instability, and crashes at the boot sequence.

I had to wipe out the contents of the phone by resetting it to factory state. Of course, my banking apps also had to be reinstalled, among numerous others.

And that’s where my problems started.

After installing, my GTWorld app (GTBank enhanced banking app) would not allow me login again.

I have had problems of my account being blocked for inexplicable reasons, and got that speedily resolved in the past.
So, I wasn’t unduly worried.

So, I sent messages to GTBank through their Twitter Handle , the WhatsApp Customer Care number and via email.

Atypically, no response . Maybe because this was during the yuletide period. But I would imagine they should be available round the clock to resolve issues

I eventually called GTconnect, the GTBank telephone Help line. (Why shouldn’t this line be toll free, by the way?) .

I spoke with four different GTbank officers to resolve this pressing problem (my account is very active, with me being involved in numerous transfers regularly) an average of thirty minutes per call where they asked me all sorts of questions to verify I am the owner of the account (surely there must be other ways to do that without asking me fifty questions?)

I was eventually given new login credentials, sent to my registered email address.

When I try to login using those credentials , I get the error that my device is not authorized for the banking app. The app then asks me to authorize my device.
I then go through questions asking me some random digit positions of my ATM card number, OTP, card expiry date.

On specifying all those, I get an error cryptically saying, An Error Has Occurred

How helpful is that?
Now, I am an IT person…

I repeatedly get this error message despite meticulously following instructions on each trial !

Then, I installed the 737 App of the bank created to merely transfers funds and nothing more (can’t even list your transaction details). That worked immediately, but is inadequate in satisfying my banking needs.

Eventually, I was able to get the older GTBank app (as against the newer enhanced GTworld app) working using the same login credential rejected by the more advanced app version (GTWorld).

I will just continue using that.

Why this discrepancy?

My only fault in going through all the hoopla is that a banking app had to be reinstalled, and all the English the Bank officials spoke after a cumulative period of up to two hours telephone conversation, burning my credit, couldn’t resolve the problem – as I speak (write)!

That’s GTBank. Supposedly the best technology_enabled bank around!

A similar thing occurred with the FCMBank Mobile app. Having to reinstall their app threw up all sorts of problems. I still can’t use their app on my device as I speak. I am supposed to call a Customer Care Number, but I am just tired of all the bullshit (pardon my French).

Luckily, this is a dormant inconsequential account with peanuts as balance, so like my SkyE account, let it just remain abandoned for now.

It is appalling that while other financial services app like Zoto, Paylater and Wema ALAT work flawlessly without any issues, major banks like GTBank, Access, FCMB and SkyeBank can’t get their acts right.

Now I am scared of when next I may have to reset my Android Phone… and go through the while stress again.

While some of these issues are tied to the attempt to stringently protect customer funds, a balance needs to be struck regarding easy of use. Why must a banking app be tied to a specific device and the decoupling creates problems when you try to couple later?

Why can’t I have my banking app on multiple devices (people have many devices!). The verification of credentials provided from wherever, should be enough to grant access to the account, as the verifications dons at the back end should be enough security.

When are we going to have banks devoid of these Operational Hitches? The Nigerian Factor?

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