WHATSAPP allows the creation of groups. This is no news.  It also allows the creator of the group,  known as the Admin (Administrator?) to specify other Admins. Admins can add members or remove members from the Group.

First off, it was accidentally discovered that the NON originating Admin can create other Admins.  This doesn’t look too sound.

This is not the major problem.

The real problem is that the Co-Admin is allowed to remove the original Group Administrator from the group, with no way for the original creator to get back in on his own!

photo courtesy - bronzemagonline.com

photo courtesy – bronzemagonline.com

This would be tantamount to a CEO employing a General Manager, delegating authority, including the ability to remove the CEO himself.

Obviously, the last stated problem must be a bad oversight from WHATSAPP. It needs fixing.

The first one may or may not be an oversight, but it would ordinarily be expected that only the original creator of a Group would have the power to create other Group Administrators?.

How about the last one where the employee can usurp the employer?
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Another thing, even if a co-admin should have equal power with the original admin, a group should never be without an admin for which attempt by the last admin to exit a group should mean closing the group and exiting every other member from the group automatically. That will prevent a situation where a group will accidentally be without an admin that could still run things at all times except there’s need to truly close the group.

It would appear that the moral of this story is not to employ an employee that could use the power you delegated ..to remove you, the employer.

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  1. June 8, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    An interesting discovery about whatsapp. I know we use this to an advantage on our WordPress admin for security purposes. But it seems quite absurd in whatsapp. Pointless and even dangerous.

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