What Microsoft failed to tell us – Surface

Courtesy of Redmondpie.com

Courtesy of Redmondpie.com

What Microsoft failed to tell us

Barely a week ago, Microsoft came out with what I considered the best tablet one could ever have. With its Microsoft background and laptop functionality, I thought I finally got the tablet of my dream. You got USB slot, and an array of other connectivity options. With Microsoft throwing in the keyboard cover and a stand, what could a guy ever want more than these?

Then Microsoft threw in the shocker. No availability date for the Surface and no price tag. I was actually going to break my piggy bank when it suddenly dawned on me that there was no price fixed and there was no date for delivery of these goodies. How could they have made such a blunder? Or was it deliberate?

Price Tag

It is no news that the Surface is coming out in two versions. The ARM version Windows RT based one and the Intel Processor version Windows 8 Pro one. What is new and not mentioned by Microsoft is the price tag. A new report from TheNextWeb has emerged which cites a “source close to Microsoft” who claims that the Windows RT-based model of Microsoft’s 10.6” tablet will start at $599 while the Windows 8 Pro-based model will be available at a whopping $999. This to us seem to be on the expensive side considering that iPad prices just round up around these same values as the Windows RT model. But the Windows 8 Pro in spite of its larger storage and features still seem grossly overpriced. One would have expected a lower cost. Or perhaps it is priced like that so that independent manufacturers could take advantage of these prices to make good sales by producing and selling off their own versions at much lower prices. Only time shall tell.

Wifi Only?

Reports coming from Bloomberg site, a usually dependable site, says that the Surface tablets will come as wi-fi only at launch. Now that is quite a let down. But will it be a deal breaker? That depends on how much you want the cellular connectivity and your part of the world. If Microsoft takes developing countries where wi-fi networks are non existent (like Nigeria) into consideration, the tablets will launch with 3G +4G connectivity. But then, following the Apple way, wi-fi only it is.

So what do you folks think; would lack of cellular connection put you off the Surface? Or would you be quite content with a Wi-Fi only model? Then what about the price tag? A deal breaker?

Let’s have your comments and discussions bellow.



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